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Skinny Jeans: Win or Sin?

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Skinny jeans.

Probably one of the most controversial fashion styles, especially for men, the past few years. But what about skinny jeans for kids? I admit that I have not bought into this fashion for myself. I have a hard enough time with ‘mom hips’ to come up with something that isn’t too big or too small and doesn’t make me feel like I am trying too hard to be a teenager. As it is, most of the clothing in my drawer is an eclectic mix of ‘before kids’ ‘after kids’ and ‘leftover from college’.

About 5% of the clothing I have is flattering.

And its no wonder because I spend the majority of my time dressing my kids. They are perfect canvases, can look cute playing, sitting, hanging out, and I truly, truly enjoy finding matching outfits for them. For the record, I do not TREAT my kids like dolls or models or any scary version of toddlers and tiaras, but when it comes to finding the matching hair bow, scarf, riding boot, or legging?

I am so in.

Lucky for me I have two beautiful children so the buying spree rarely goes on hiatus.

Tea Collection: Big Girls

Recently I had an opportunity to check out some of Tea Collection holiday collections.

I am a fan of Tea for many reasons. The clothing is high quality, the lines change consistently, and the mix and match they have going on with their sets is a great way to buy clothing. I generally buy for Charlotte and have also done some tester clothing for them in past articles which you can see here, here, and here.

Told ya we were fans.

This time Charlotte gave me a list of her favorites (which incidentally gets longer every year older she gets) and Tea Collection was kind enough to send a few of her selections, and one for P, over.

Here she is showcasing one for you:




What I love about this dress is threefold:

  • The bright colors
  • The soft material
  • The modest length that can be elegantly worn alone (Yep, its still dress weather here on the gulf!) or added with some leggings, a perfect winter mod.

Recommendation from me is a full 5 star on quality and price, but my hint is that, atleast in girls clothing, I find that it runs a half a size larger than many mainstream brands. Charlotte is a 7/8 in many clothing and I ordered an 8 and found them to be a bit big. While this dress she is showcasing has 3/4 sleeves, in some of the other sent outfits that have short sleeves, they are too large in the arm hole for me to comfortable share on my blog. You will see those in the spring as she gets older.

Tea Collection: Baby Boys

This year little P is old enough to try outfits. Honestly, he is a monster, so age or not, he can fit in just about anything and not really stuck on the whole onesie outfit anymore.  I picked out this adorable outfit in the Tea Collection New Arrivals for Boys .

Sizing? We got a size 2. Phoenyx tends to run from 18 months to 2T depending on the brand and is all around a bulky child. In the button up shirt, a quick roll on the sleeves made for a perfect fit and since the pants were adjustable, we could pick the waist size he ultimately needed. The length was perfect.

And thus we come back around again…skinny jeans.

What I didn’t realize was that I had ordered him skinny jeans. #momfail

While I do like the fashion on him, surprising because I was pretty sure I wouldn’t, it has presented a bit of a walking problem for this little guy. Because it runs tighter on the legs and around the knees, I found him falling a lot more often and his movement more restricted. Probably not unlike a man or a woman that wears this style. I would proceed with caution if you have a new walker otherwise you may find yourself picking them up out of the mud more than usual. Tea has some gorgeous khakis and blue jeans that may be a better fit if your son is still being measured in “months old” like mine.

But you have to admit…he sure does look great:

019  031  037   074

Skinny Jeans..yay or nay?


*clothes provided by Tea to facilitate this kids fashion article. Opinion is all mine. And the cute kids. They are mine too.

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  1. I have never heard of this brand before, the clothing line on the kids looks so cute though.

  2. Is it bad I desperately want a son? Especially seeing how freaking cute your little man is!!

  3. I adore skinny jeans specially on little kids. I like it that even when it is too long, it’s not a problem because it just fits on the ankle so the pants doesn’t touch the ground.

  4. I have adored Tea Collection for quite some time now. I let the girls browse the website but we haven’t bought anything yet. Maybe for a birthday gift soon.

    As for skinny jeans, they should be burned, no matter what age or sex they were designed for.

  5. OMG he is adorable in those skinny jeans! I, personally, have not bought any because I’m not sure what I think about them. With that said my sister gave me a pair her son out grew for James and although it took a lot of convincing for me to get him to wear them they are now his favorite pair of jeans. He is normally swimming in jeans because he is tall and SKINNY!

  6. Super cute- you really have the perfect “canvas” kids.
    I always loved skinny jeans for my daughter over the legging look. I even loved it on others but not myself until recently- as long as its not super tight on the legs- i go for a more slim /barely boot leg for me.
    For boys i love as long as its not so tight- I think because my son is so thin it works for him because the jeans even though are skinny – look more like a slim fit. I’m on a hunt for beige skinny pants/ jeans for him come spring time. For my toddler- I’ve got skinnies for him and is so darn cute in them but its definitely restricting and not comfy. I would rather him be in track suits or pjs.

  7. My boys wear skinny jeans all the time. They are super skinny and really the only type of jean that fits them well. However that didn’t start till they were beyond the new walker stage. Slim fit is the next best for my boys.

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