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The Abandoned Love

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She smiles, but oh, she does not mean it.

She weeps inside.

Her hair longing to be brushed.

To be held.

To be part of just a day.

toys 032


Strewn in a chair.


He once showed such promise.

Now tossed aside.

toys 001

The smell of gas.

The sound of an engine rumble…

No Races to be won today.


toys 044

The dream of a perfect house.

A Princess awaiting her Prince!

A kiss of love!


No Happily ever.

toys 003

The war will never be won.

Perhaps, the battle.

But not the war.

toys 009

Songs unsung.

Music unheard.

Dancing undanced.

All lay still.

toys 028

Her eyes beg.

Will anyone love me?

Now, she sits.

And forever waits.

toys 011

Signs of wear we see!

But memories made long past.

toys 068

For no one can compete….

With technology.

toys 017

toys 020


*Dedicated to all the abandoned toys in the world. We know how you feel*

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  1. Thia is so funny and so true!

  2. What a cool post. I love the poem.

    Sadly, I fear toys will go the way of 8-track tapes and vinyl records…all because technology took over the world. LOL

  3. Stacie Haight Connerty says:

    I read this on my phone. In a reader. With no pictures. While thinking the entire time, Trisha sounds so sad today.

    Ha ha ha! That is too funny.

    What a cute post!

  4. My kids are the opposite. They’re more content to play with the toys that don’t make noise. They love their blocks, the Legos, cars, action figures, balls, etc. Not to say my 8yo doesn’t enjoy a game on the computer or on the Wii, but he doesn’t beg for it.

  5. Oh my! I know that situation so well!

    Getting an idea here – maybe I should be using their lack of interest in their toys as an excuse to get rid of some of the toys. (I’m always looking for/needing ways to declutter.)

  6. Great post Trisha! I know how you feel. My 3 year old is constantly playing his daddy’s DS and my 6 year old is constantly begging to play on the computer. Can you guess what they are getting for Christmas, LOL!

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