The Dottie Awards VOTING…….

Ok, Ok, talk about email city… “when are they going up”.”when you gonna be done”..yadda yadda. Whew, you guys love your contests. I DO have a life.. …kinda. Ok, I DONT, but I do have a lot to do and this takes like 2 hours. LOL But to get yall off my back I rallied  the troops and these lovely women took time out today to get the polls ready, so please pay homage to them (Kim, Toni, and Sarah).

There were not enough entries into Bromance/Romance or Villain, so those were discarded.

Banners are here….polls close on Tuesday. Feel free to use sneaky, terrible tactics like begging, videos, bribing, and spreading rumors about each other (in a FUN way) in the comments to convince people to vote for you……


one vote per person


  1. Tammy Matthews says

    My vote is for:
    Do yourself a favor and visit her blog site.
    Not only will you get to visit with moms just like you,
    you’ll get a chance to talk to real grown-ups! Smiles!

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