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The last of the winter colds are setting in…

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Last night Charlotte was up coughing.

All night.

Unfortunately I didn’t have anything to give her (total mom fail) and she had caught a cold from Chris that is now quickly coming to fruition. Now I do not know about your kids, but when mine are sick they get bored. We won’t let her go outside, we hear lots of “whhyyyyyyyyyyyy nooooooootttts??” and the day seems just as long as a parent.


And if a child is sick during the school week? Well forget it. It’s almost like they are well enough to go to school cause they can run around and drive you nuts, but you know they should be at home with a nose in a book and quiet.  So when those days come, here are a few ideas to keep your kids a bit busy but still in power down mode:


Activities for Sick Kids

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A little info:

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Symptom Relief

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For us, Charlotte is not in a fever, throw up or any of those kinds of things, its simply just that hacking icky cough so we are in the “drink hot tea and check in the morning” phase. Not the way I wanted to go into the holiday weekend, but these things are so unpredictable.

If you have any surefire ways to keep your child busy while sick, please share and I’ll add them to a future graphic!


Disclosure: I am honored to be a 2012 paid brand ambassador for PediaCare. All opinions expressed are my own. For more information about PediaCare products, please visit their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/PediaCare

11 Amazing Shares Facebook 1 Pin It Share 8 Twitter 2 Google+ 0 StumbleUpon 0 Email -- 11 Amazing Shares ×


  1. Im going through the exact same thing with my middle son right now. Coughing like mad, sick but not sick enough not to still want to play. Those are some good tips to keep him entertained, I will have to see which ones he will be willing to try.

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