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Postponing a Baby in This Recession

Trisha Haas, who runs the blog, would love to have a second child. The plan, in last year’s economy, was to have four. If times were better she would “be pregnant, or at least trying” by now, she says.

But she is neither. Haas and her husband, Chris, a former USAF officer who just recently began work as a fleet manager for the Airgas, an industrial equipment manufacturer, live in Mobile, Ala., where, between the two of them they have “a decent income” and a house with two empty bedrooms, she says. But the couple is always aware that Chris is a relatively new employee in a company that is streamlining. “We live paycheck to paycheck, and we never know if today is the day a layoff will happen,” she says.

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(btw, before you ask, I told her that DH wanted 4-and yes, he is legally insane to want four kids, not me, but I did promise one more and we shall see if that even happens. Its too scary now.)


  1. says

    i dont think were postponing kids because of the recession, i think its more cause i cant imagine having mroe right now LOL.

    Its great you got quoted-(or misquoted) your so cool trisha!

  2. Nicole Young says

    I am a producer for Good Morning America, and am looking to interview a California wife/mother who is postponing pregnancy or adoption due to the recession. If you are interested in sharing your story, please email me at


  3. says

    The economy is scary. I’m on maternity leave right now and just found out recently that my company cut 1000 positions. I’m scared of what I’ll go back to. Luckily, I have till October to find out since maternity leave in Canada is 1 year.

  4. says

    the economy right now isn’t scaring me enough away from a baby. I would love to have one more and i’m not getting any younger. Our financial situation hasn’t changed in the last three years, we have enough to take care of two kids. That would be the end of it though!

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