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This looks like a GREAT book.

I was walking through the book store the other day and this was sitting on a shelf.


And it looks like a GREAT BOOK…if you were judging a book by its cover.

Which I was.





  1. LOL agreed it definitely “looks” like a great book!

  2. Hee hee!

  3. So….did you buy it? If so, keep us posted to the story line.

  4. That book is a definite best seller! :)

  5. Oh my – that made me laugh! That is one of those books that I would totally have to read inside another book so my kids didn’t see it though. It is a mighty fine cover though!

  6. Oh my….yes, I think I would be picking up a copy of that one!!! Don’t even care if it had any words in it….

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