Thomas the Train at Action Canyon Giveaway 6 Winners

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trackmaster-125x125We all know how much fun it is to play with trains. From little kids to big kids, to even adults, trains hold a  sense of imagination and fun that modern day electronic toys just cant master.  One of Charlotte’s first “big” toys at Christmas was a train set.   Unfortunately for us, it bit the dust in the fire we had last year and hasn’t been replaced. I cant say that Charlotte hasn’t made it a priority every visit to Toys R Us to run to the Thomas the Train demonstration table and spend approximately 1.4 hours playing along, because she has.

There is no doubt that your child knows who Thomas the Train is.  Thomas is the heart and soul of many kids and countless isles at the store are dedicated to every accessory known to man for this ultimate train set. We consider Thomas the master of children trains with almost every train set imaginable available for your child to go from adventure to adventure.

That is why we are so excited to bring you something that doesn’t matter if you have a boy or a girl, (or are a big kid at heart yourself) the whole family will love playing with this new set from Thomas. We are excited to introduce you to:

Thomas the Train at Action Cannon:

Cinders and ashes! Thomas at Action Canyon is Thomas’ most exciting adventure yet! This super-big play set was inspired by The Great Discovery and has all the excitement of the DVD. Your child can send Thomas chugging up a steep mountain track, puffing over an old bridge, and zooming down a thrilling mountain canyon! The best part is …kids can press a secret button to make the old bridge collapse and send Thomas rocketing through a waterfall!

Lucky for you, when you visit the website for Thomas Trackmaster “Thomas’ in action” ,  you and your child can enjoy videos as Thomas works his way around the track and you can glimpse the set in action. You will also find a selection of things for you and your child to work on together; really this site is great for your train enthusiast. There is also the opportunity to play with a virtual game where your little engineer can control Thomas’ every move.



The wonderful people over at Thomas the Train wanted to make sure that we could excite SIX families with this brand new Thomas at Action Canyon and we were more then happy to find those six lucky families! (approx retail value is $50 per trainset)  Only one winner per household.

Please answer one of the following questions (or you may answer all 4 for 4 entries):

1. Who are your child’s favorite Thomas & Friends characters?
2. What are YOUR favorite Thomas & Friends products, show episodes or events?
3. What would you like to see Thomas & Friends do more of in the future?

4. Tell us what you love about Thomas & Friends.

(You must answer at least one question above to be eligible for this)

Unlimited Entry Opp:

If you blog about this contest and include links to MomDot and to the Thomas Website , you may enter unlimited times as long as your topic stays on Thomas the train, trains, thomas’s website. With 6 Trains to win, its worth it!

(please see our contest page for additional contest restrictions, contest ends April 15th)

Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!
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  1. Carolyn says

    TrackMaster Thomas is so much fun. Kids love Thomas, and TrackMaster Thomas brings Thomas to life.

  2. Ginny White says

    oh ha ha….this was a year ago. There was no year on the post and this giveaway pops up when you google thomas and friends.

    • says

      I have no idea why the year isnt showing on the post above. Im going to try to figure that out. I changed templates, so its a new layout and I didnt realize it. I saw a few people entering this and I was like..ok…LOL~ But stranger things happen on a website, so I didnt realize it didnt have a date till you said something in the comments!