Thomas and Friends Journey to Rewards FREE POINTS CODE

Last weekend I moved houses and while its been a fun adventure, the packing and unpacking process is so overwhelming. My method is this:

  • 1) Open Box
  • 2) Dump all of it on floor
  • 3) Sort and put away

Basically if I leave things in boxes till I “find a place” ill basically never find a place and my 2 year old will be 10 before we open the last one. Which means my house looks about like this: toys And after sorting through all those toys, I found that most of them were baby toys. Toys that were meant for tiny toddlers to pick up and explore, to drop in holes and sort- basically stuff that is way past my sons age at now 3.  Took about 2 hours, but afterwards I had 7 donation bags in the house and about 2 small containers of usable age appropriate toys.

Time to Upgrade Toys



There are two things that my son loves the most- Trucks and Trains. We have about 15 trucks of all shapes and sizes but (gasp!) no trains! So today I headed out to the Walmart (found one 5 minutes from my house and its so nice) and picked out some brand trains.


What boy or girl doesn’t love Thomas?! But with so many trains and sets to choose from, the cost can quickly add up. That is why I wanted to tell you all about the Thomas and Friends Rewards!


Anytime you purchase Thomas products from your local Walmart like I did, you can input your receipt and it adds points to your account right after processing. These points can be used towards rewards to get FREE or Discounted Thomas items! And if you have kids like I do, you know how valuable having rewards can be. Its so easy to sign up, you can go here and register or do it instantly with your Facebook account.

Once you purchase any items from Walmart with Thomas, you take a picture of or scan your receipt in (whatever works great for you) and then add it to your account.



How many points do you earn?

 To cash in you just need 1400 points, which is approx $35 worth of Thomas and Friends toys.


And guess what? I want to help restock your shelves and get your summer going right, so I am offering a special code that you can input on your quick registration. When you sign in, just add MomDot to the registration and voila, 700 FREE points.

That gets you HALFWAY there to cashing in!

What did I earn?

Combined with the special MomDot offer code, I signed up and got my 700 points. Then with the toys I bought, I earned 1750 more and now can cash in for a $10 card!



Cashing in Thomas Points

Cashing in took just a second to confirm my address and bam! My card is on its way.


Go here to add your Free 700 points now!


  1. Robin Roberts says

    I have reedeemed points and have not recieved my egift card. It’s been more than 8 weeks. What a rip off

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