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Tips for Safe Shopping This Holiday!

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Shop. Shop. Shop. Its the theme of the week, of the month, and of the rest of the year. Nothing makes me personally more happy than shopping and as you can tell my from my Top Gifts from Ebay post and 12 days of Giving, that there are plenty of ways to open up your heart and get involved this holiday season. From back to school in August to sitting round the Christmas tree, your wallet is going to be pulled in and out and online pretty much for the duration of 6 months out of the year.

But how safe is it?  To be honest, I am not sure. With the onslaught of Internet sites, it’s hard to detect the ones that could be scams vs the ones that are really there to offer you great deals and purchases. Aside from being cautious, there are a few things that you can do to protect yourself while shopping this season.

Tips for Safe Shopping This Holiday

1) Use the same credit card for shopping online. If you just pick one card, if that card does get comprised, its only one set of money that has to be locked down. If you utilize many cards, and they all get stolen, you could be out a ton of money to thief’s. Additionally with only one card to monitor for purchase, you would be more likely to catch a fraudulent charge.

2) Keep your computer spyware, walls, and virus protection up to date. I lost an entire computer to a terrible virus back in July and since then have learned my lesson to be protected over and over again. You do many personal things on your computer and one wrong downloaded virus can take the information and send it back out without you even knowing. I use Norton and Malware Bytes.

3) Only shop on secure sites that end an an “S”, as in https.

4) Keep a front and back copy of your credit card in an at home safe. This way if a card get stolen, you have immediate asses to all the information you need to get the card shut off and will feel less panicked.

5) Limit the amount of cards and Ids in your wallet. One problem many people have is they put everything in a wallet or purse. If you put all your credit cards, IDs, social security card, and health cards in one place, you are writing a blank check if you lose that item. Bring only what you need when you go shopping!

6) Remember that phones are everywhere and phones have cameras! Only take out your cards when you are ready to use them and keep them as private as possible.

7) Use a company like LifeLock to help identify theft. Wanna learn more? See below!

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Have you ever had a credit card stolen while shopping online or in store??


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  1. Unfortunately, i’ve been a victim and it was with my debit card. I definitely learned the hard way. I need to remember to get a copy of my cards, great tips!

  2. Good thought about not keeping your Credit Card out with everyone’s cell phone having a camera on it! I hadn’t thought about this yet but I am honestly lucky to have my wallet out by the time I make it to the register when I am juggling whatever I am buying and the kids!

  3. Fantastic and important tips for holiday shopping. I thank you for putting the word out, many need to be more aware!

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