Top 10 Childrens shows I hate the most

10)  Back at the Barnyard: My husband is making me add this one. He thinks its stupid, has no plot, and is a waste of TV space. With voices like Wanda Sykes, it can have some crude humor.

But  I heard him laughing at it yesterday……..


9)  Lazy-Town: If anyone breaks out into song anymore, I’m going to bust the TV. The whole creepy guy that follows the girl around half the day, is way too freaky for me. He looks like he should be registered. You know what I mean.

8) The Upside Down Show: I cannot STAND this show. How in the world did we give these two guys a show on kids tv? If acting stupid for 30 min is the only requirement, I get it. The whole “remote” theory is totally something I want to argue with my 4 year old over. But if I can hit rewind and you would never exist, your onto something.

7) Wubbzy: Is wubbzy a boy or a girl?

6)  Oobie: I cant wait to teach my child that speaking in half sentences make sense to….someone else who speaks in half sentences. Its not even the hands that are creepy…if you have seen their friend Freda (the foot) you will get nice and weirded out permanently.

5) Caillou: He is the whiniest kid out there…and did I miss why he has NO hair? Not any at all?

4) Booh Bah:  What ARE these things? Mutated Marshmallows? Left over Teletubbie poops?


3) Yo Gabba Gabba: this import show can go back to the country from which it hailed from. I get that the bright colors keep kids attention, but its enough to make me feel like watching Barney is an Academy Award winning movie.

Does it remind anyone else of a cult?


2) Teletubbies: please tell me they have retired this show off of TV. Im not sure what is worse…the fact that Simon Cowell is the reason we see this crap on American television, or that they don’t speak a lick of real language with the characters. This is almost the worst children’s show on TV. I cant take you seriously anymore, Simon. You wouldn’t know crap if it showed up and you signed it.


Max and Ruby. Need I say more? Ruby is the biggest bossy B*otch on children’s television. And whats the deal with the no parents around? Maybe if they had parents around, ruby wouldn’t be treating Max like an invalid while she stands around being a bossy know-it-all all day.

What show do YOU hate the most?


  1. Flu-Bird says

    Boo blah what in the are they suppost to be? I fact they look something like some creature from a episode of the classic 60s Sci Fi TV series THE OUTER LIMITS AND WUBBZY looks like a TV screen with two teddy bear ears arms,legs and springy tail and BARNEY where was the Hunting Licens for purple dinasours?

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