ABIE Lists Top 50 Most Influential Mom Bloggers in Online Media

And check it out…we made it along side some FABULOUS company. We bow at the greatness.

Usually the only lists I make it on are the ones I make up myself.

And it only took two years of being a blogger to say: WE DON’T SUCK!!! WE DON’T SUCK!!!

(hey a little validation never hurt anyone)

At this rate, I might be on Oprah in 2044!!!

To read more about this list and the PR firm, please go here.

They also list male bloggers, tech bloggers, etc etc.

I thought this list was pretty well rounded personally, but I still feel like its missing Scary Mommy.



  1. says

    WooHoo – Yippee – Happy Dancing!!!
    I know you don’t suck!!
    I think you are definitely in a group of great women!
    If you look at the list Dooce (who I think is TOTALLY overated) she only made it to #23, you are higher ranked than her!! Well deserved! Way to go… :-)

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