The Top 25 Most Annoying Bloggers

Top 25 Most Annoying Bloggers

Now you didn’t come here thinking I was really going to list 25 annoying bloggers by name, right?

Cause I would never do that.

(Well, probably not.)

Honestly, this started out as an article for the top 10 most annoying blogger types, but after asking around I found out that there are away more then ten. In fact, I had to narrow it down to only 25.

Apparently a lot of people bug…a lot of other people.

Without further ado, in no particular order, here are the top 25 most annoying blogger types on the net according to bloggers (don’t shoot the messenger) :

1) The Perfectionist: This person blogs about how rosy their life is from the perfect husband, the perfect children and nothing ever goes wrong in their lives. They can suck an egg. And choke on it.

~Cat, Three Kids and Us


2) The Copy Cat: The person who can’t come up with original content, so they go around and copy off of others. Sometimes they even copy the pictures in the posts…with the other bloggers children in them. “They are my kids, I swear!”

~Trisha, Sweet N Sassy Girls


3) The naturalist: Everything natural, all the time.  Really?  Do you know how ungreen computers are??

~Kate,  MomTrend


4) The Apologetic: Bloggers who apologize for not posting rather than just writing a post about something interesting. “I am so sorry I havent been around, I have been busy, I should blog more.” Put up a REAL post already!

~Kim, Accidental Mommies


5) The Get a Life Blogger. The person that has to blog about running out of toilet paper and how often a day they change the toilet paper. Obviously they need to GET A LIFE. Or join twitter.


6) The Nit Picker: Bloggers who spout off about ridiculous things (like that one who wanted to blackmail the crocs guy) that pissed them off.  “So and so company didn’t return my email”. Who cares you whiny baby!  Everyone should hate them!!

~ Heather, Maternal Spark


7) The Editorial: The blogger who has more ads and links on their blog than actual content.

~ Lee My Sentiment Lee


8 ) The Dreamer – This person has heard of $400,000 paychecks, starts a me-too blog without forethought, and then complains when posts about cat litter doesn’t lead to instant millions.

~ Greg,  Telling Dad


9) The Badger: The Blogger who has like 82 badges of all the “ning”s they belong to. Blogger bragging is so not cool.

~Stacey, Root, Tree, and Twig


10) The Capitalistic Blogger: The blogger that tries to attach themselves to something your blog is doing in hopes to traffic monger off of your site

~  MomDot


11) The Keepin’ Up With the Jones‘-er – The one who blogs and whines and cries about all the crap everyone else has that she doesn’t, to include all the trips and such everyone else gets, who LITERALLY says in her “about me” section: “This blog is to get free crap and go on fancy trips. It’s time I get mine.”

12) The Gusher Blogger: I loooove all the products I review,  I use “absolutely adorable” or “awesome” to describe everything and give myself bonus points when I use “awesome” 14 times in one review. Awesome!

~ Fiesty, Frugal, and Fabulous

13) The Sh*t Stirrer: Stirring Sh*t up because they have nothing to say! This blogger may be a Keepin Up with the Joneses or Capitalistic in disguise.

~ Kate, MomTrend

14) The Booker A blog with 2000 word – page long posts and no pictures. Have you tried to read what you wrote? My eyes would fall out of their sockets if I had to read that computer screen for the next 2 hours.


15) The addicted – overachiever blogger…they have about 500 sites and just can’t say no to a new project. This generally means that thier kids are starving, their house is a mess, and they have candy wrappers laying next to their keyboard.

~ Sarah, Ohana Mama

16) The Do as I say, not as I do blogger: The blogger that can spout “rules” and regulations that everyone else should be adhering to all day long, but when called out about doing it herself, says she doesn’t have to.


17) Tabloid Lite-The blogger who copy and pastes all the news of the absurd that you’d find in the weekly world news, in touch, star, enquirer, etc.  They never have real content, it’s just the clips from other places.

~ Suzanne Sez

18) The Sheep: This person blogs on the coat tails of others. Any time a hot topic is written, they blog about the same thing just to fill their void and attempt to create the content that they lack.


19) The Drive By blogger: They keep up their blog really well for a week or so then gone, then re-appear a few weeks later to repeat the cycle.

~Lisa, Is it Monday Already

20) The Beggar: the blogger/s that have every post a sob story about how broke they are, following up with a paypal donate button and various other ways to help. They are always selling useless things with a sad sad story attached.

~ Eve, Confessions of a Housewife

21) The Cryptogram Blogger: Cryptic blogging.  When a blogger talks around a subject, complaining about someone, leaves out names, and expects you to give a crap.


22) The Tech_no blogger: The blogger who thinks they know everything about technology, uses tech jargon three sentences long, but in reality they can’t figure out how to plug in a toaster.

23) The Creepster: The blogger that follows you around everywhere on the blogosphere & twitter, posts on your posts even though they think they are anonymous.

~ Tanya, Mommy Goggles

24)The “Attention Whore Commenter: The one who faithfully comments on your site to get visitors until she is established and then never returns to your blog again.

~ Mandy, Mommy Cracked

25) The Munchhausen Blogger – This person only blogs about everything that has gone wrong in their life from baby daddy drama to constant illness. In fact, they get excited if they end up with a strange disease because its blog fodder for days.

~ Cat 3 Kids and Us


Did we miss one?



  1. Cori says

    You left out the “I think I’m God or something blogger”: bloggers that define themselves as (good?) bloggers yet spend time blaming others for what they do/are instead of taking care of their own blog. Because they’re better, right?! :/

  2. says

    Very good morning reading while sipping my coffee! Thanks for truth in humor this morning, love all of the annoying bloggers list and I may occasionally fall into one here or there, not sure yet though! lmao

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