Top Mom Blogs of 2008

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testtopperTop 50 Mom Blogs of 2008

*we welcome you to link this list so other moms can find excellent mom blogs like yours*

Everyone has a list and we now have ours. We have been working on this list for 2 months now and the gathering of this post took over 6 hours. Mom Blogs do not just encompass the daily lives of one blogger, but often run the gambit of specific passions, to photography, to daily life, to reviewer. We did try to focus mainly on moms that have created content that is very personal to who they are. In some cases, that’s a mom who does reviews or has a community, but in most cases, we focused on the individual blogs that make up the mom blogging community.

We do not believe flat statistics make a good blogger and that was way down on the list of deciding factors. We looked at content, updates, interest from commenters, suggestions from our visitors, valuable posts, stats, and an all around interesting blogger. We also looked at bloggers who helped the community and changed it in some way and while we are in no way leaving out the 17 billion other blogs that are not listed here, we wanted to give some value to the 50 of the year we felt deserved some recognition in our world.

Its impossible to visit and to know every blog out there and we do not claim to have done so. In our world, we can only check out the ones we have been fortunate enough to be exposed to and in doing so, we are leaving off millions of others that are no doubt wonderful in their own right. There are also a lot of up and coming blogs and personal blogs that we visit as friends daily and love them and just because they are not on this list, does not make them any less special.

I have decided to go ahead and release the list in its entirety to go out of 2008 with some style. You may have noticed a few adjustments from yesterdays list. That is because when I was completing my list today, I realized I put a few in the wrong spot and otherwise adjusted them.

This is MomDots top 50 Blogs for 2008:

While not a mom, we give runner up to the dad from The Wind In Your Vagina.

#50 MomDot: (alexa: #48,956 technorati: #4,633)  How can we leave ourselves out? Call us selfish or egotistical, but we cant deny that we have grown tremendously since coming on the scene in late July 2008 from an unknown to our highest of 50K visitors a month.  MomDot is run by a huge amount of bloggers that generously donate their time, graphics, ideas, and articles, so this is for them. This year we made the Hot Blogger Calendar and got to talk to Patrick Dempsey and next year…who knows.  If we would have put ourselves in the top 10, you would have gotten suspicious. Hey, if you cant pat your back..who can?

#49 Faithful Froggers: (alexa #948,729  technorati #4,978,471) Losing one child to agressive cancer at age six and adopting a litlte girl from Guatamala into her family a year later, this family of 6 and one angel, is a unique quest to find hope and faith in the ones you have around you, while honoring the one you lost. This blog is more of a personal journey, sharing family photos and reaching out to share her life, and we admire her strength.

#48 Womb at the Innsane: (alexa: 212,360 technorati # unknown) New Radio show focusing on womens true beauty and health..check! Past stint on Supernanny..check! We love Kadis ability to throw it on the line..(and sit on the toilet while doing it) all while mentoring a pregnant teen. With her house full of wonderful kids, we have no reason to doubt that she truly may be going…innsane.

#47 Smiles and Trials (alexa #817,257 technorati #66,070)  Devoted mom of 11, Christine is the epitome of an unselfish and loving parent. Spending her life focusing on adoption of children that need not just any home, but her home. Watching Dennis grow and all the ways the family has helped him, leaves us somewhere between wonder and amazement. This is a family that has made 2008 worth blogging.

#46 Jiggety Jigg: (alexa #270,578 technorati #78,351) Jiggety Jigg, also a new blog over the summer, came stalking onto the scene and received a quick following. Also nominated, loved, and won in our Dottie Awards (as voted by bloggers like you), Jenni is a blogger that you should put in your list. If you missed her week of Santa Madness, you missed out. Full of funny and ready to please, her voice clearly has much more to say.

#45 Jessica Knows: (alexa #94,024 technorati #21,605): One thing we are sure of..Jessica Knows a little bit of everything! With ways to get  your life into the new year organized and get your blog off the ground, she is a marketer worth keeping your eye on for the up and coming new year. Additionally, she founded MomForce a way for moms to use their online skills to create marketable positions in real world positions.

#44 Cutie Bootie Cakes: (alexa: #118,303 technorati: #27,039) If you don’t know Renee, you are hiding under a rock. Cute Bootie Cakes is a mixed bag of posts from personal life to thought provoking debates where she welcomes a variety of opinions. Renee is the quiet voice that encourages, the comment that is always left behind on your blog, and is a blogger worth not only reading, but knowing (and we think that counts for a lot).

#43 Dooce: (alexa: #33,761 technorati: #30)  : I know, I’m getting a big roar of outrage for not having her number one, but the fact is, I love her, a million people love her, but a million hate her too. We pat her on her back for being able to do what so many want to do….and even if she is a sell out, we like her style of writing and interesting ways of bringing her posts to life. Trust me..she will never see this and if she did, im quite sure she doesn’t give a crap she isn’t number #1. I don’t sign her checks…federated media does. HA!

#42 Shamelessy Sassy:  (alexa #437,391 technorati #27,777) Like she says, everyone has a reason for blogging and for her, she needs a way to express herself.  You can learn all sorts of useful things on Amandas site…like how teenagers can get drunk……….with tampons.

#41 Mindless Junque (alexa #1,569,024 technorati# 34,733) Heather has created a blog that encompasses her life from witty, to tear inducing posts and we have enjoyed the ride….and so have countless others with comments reaching over 100 on day to day posts. We have appreciated the way she writes a post and draws you in and then leaves it with a point that expresses a feeling. Heather is also a blogger for another blog we have higher on our list. Keep reading to track her down again.

#40 A Wise *Young* Mommy (alexa #125,545 technorati #59,095): Petra brings it daily…what that is, we don’t know, but we are buying it…and isn’t afraid to put up pictures of *cough* a sex toy party. No, we are not linking to that. Go find it yourself. Rightfully and proudly voted Drama Queen from the dottie awards, we  would give her the “snarky-fun-filled- hilariously-done-well-written” queen of the blogs award…if we could. She will just have to settle for being on our list.

#39 Rocks in my Dryer: (alexa #141,931 technorati 592) Contributing editor to BlogHer and writer for Parenting magazines website, Shannon is also infamous online for starting (but no longer running) the very popular Bloggy Giveaways site. Keeping us giggling and shaking our head in agreement, we know that the big things in her past will be nothing compared to the big things in her future.

#38 Momisodes (alexa #181,582 technorati #28,813) She calls herself a typical career mom turned stay at home mom, but there is nothing typical about tuning into Momisodes daily episode of life. She puts her feelings out there and its not hard to see  a piece of all of us in her.

#37 Hope 4 Peyton: (alexa #638,456 technorati #77,017) As if her stint on Oprah wasn’t cool enough to make us cringe with jealousy, or the fact that she writes for 5 Minutes for Specal Needs, we actually like Anissa. As a person, we find her extremely hilarious (no, dont really know her, but we feel like we do) and as a blogger we love her. Personally, the way she lays her posts out are easy to read, great points, enough pictures to keep it real, and the fact that she isn’t afraid to admit that she can indeed go crazy, makes us know that we are not alone.

#36 Bring the Rain: (alexa #154,362 technorati #901)  Angie’s private pain with the death of her unborn daughter has allowed her to tell her story and touch so many people in the process. Creating a community that passes on hope and joy, and speaking in real world understanding and compassion, we look forward to watching Angie in 2009.

#35 Cheaper Than Therapy: (alexa 158,142 technorati #17,967) We cant deny that Jen had us at hello. Not that being cute is a requirement, but Jen is absolutely adorable and brings a huge array of fans that follow her advice, reviews, and her quirky and well written posts that require a sense of humor. She is the aspirin to the blogging mundane.

#34 Chic Shopper Chick: (alexa #153,694 technorati #29421) Erika is a mom that loves to share her cool finds with her readers and often offers excellent giveaways along side. Also a Hot Blogger Calendar winner, she specializes in the “where did you get that” of moms and tells you exactly where, when, and why. Plus, she likes sweet tea. Which makes her cool.

#33 Mommy Goggles: (alexa #453,807 technorati #81,141) Tanya is a review blogger, but she incorporates her family life with testing products. You always see real life photos, real life experiances, and a her trust with sharing some of the best of the best with moms everywhere, has earned her a spot on our list. She has also earned the trust of 100s of companies out there as a voice in the mom community. Her site is easy on the eyes, full of contests and reviews, and has just enough of her personal life to pull it all together into one site worth bookmarking.

#32 I should be folding Laundry: (alexa #514,019 technorati #29,421) Beth…should obviously be folding laundry, but since she isnt, we are glad she is online sharing her life, her flirting with Patrick Demsey, and her remarkable way to capture a photo the world is interested in. A site easy on the eyes, and a blogger easy to read, add to your blogroll for the sense of visiting an old friend.

#31 The Mommy Blog (alexa#230,995 technorati #74,246) How could we leave out the blog titled after a mommy blog? We couldnt. Witty, sarcastic, and always engaging, Mindy chronicles her life, and that of her children. She tackles the good and the bad with a broad stroke and a sense of humor that give her writing depth and an emotional pull. Mindy is also is founder of,,, and the forthcoming She is also Blogger in Chief at

#30 Is there any Mommy Out There ( alexa #1,525,751 technorati #84,439) From her past life (Once upon a time, I married my high school sweetheart the week before law school graduation. Once upon a time, I worked an insane amount of hours a week at a big, scary law firm. Once upon a time, HSSH and I kissed our boring, workaholic lives good bye and moved to a tropical island in the middle of nowhere (aka, Micronesia). Once upon a time, HSSH and I lived to travel, drink coffee, take walks on the beach and dote on our bizarre, feral, tropical island ‘boonie’ dog. Once upon a time, we weren’t sure if we wanted children)  to her present ( After eight years of marriage, we moved our fairytale selfs back to the real world, bought a house, decided to have a baby and got pregnant. Fate taught us a lesson about being careful what you ask for because you might just end up wanting it really badly. Like a good fairy princess, I went for the happy ending), you will find something in her that says yes, I am the mommy out here. Misery loves company and we are happy to oblige.

#29 Mamalogues (alexa#643,074 technorati #27,483) Dana claims she is the party wherever she goes, and we have to agree. While her site endured a bit of server destruction in april 2008, putting it back together is a pleasure. From her stint with Momversations about kids and religion to a lesson we all need to learn, she has something to say and we are listening.

#28 An Island Life: (alexa#102,954 technorati #6,586) Recognizable by name, Kailani is the blogger behind An Island Life, the founder of Family Review Network, and supplies a never ending website full of posts with reviews, family life, contests, games, and more. Visited by thousands a month, she is a go to voice for great links and a good fun online.

#27 The McMommy Chronicles: (alexa# 1,004,739 technorati # 36,630) McMommy believes the world is laughing at her, we disagree, we are definitely laughing with her as she hilariously brings us through her world, including nipple cream as lip gloss. Just stay away from her so you dont catch the woman flu. Then again, it’s is worth the risk.

#26 Playgroups are No Place for Children: (alexa#519,912 technorati #14,400) Jennifer describes herself as a thirty-ish mom, wife, former Speech-Pathologist, worry wart, bossaholic, control freak.  You can read her feelings on egg nog or skip to the good stuff where she very bluntly explains women and sex. And even if she is making up stories for blog material, we don’t care…………just feed it to us with a side of coke in a glass bottle please.

#25 Scary Mommy: (alexa#757,442 technorati #32,867) We are going to relate Scary mommy with a story from her own blog..its the only way. Proudest parenting moment “F*ck it,” my 4 year old mutters as the little people she is stacking fall like dominoes. Horrified I ask, did you learn that at school? No, she replies. From friends? The playground? TV? Daddy? No, she says, from you. I explain that that is a very bad thing to say and I need to stop as well. Ok, Mommy, she says.

What more can we say?

#24 Finslippy (alexa #358,578 technorati #9,652) Join her while she wallows a bit….she says. Of course we will! And we will relish while you try to drown yourself in a sea of amazing posts while sputtering back and forth from the deep to the shallow end. Alice Bradley, blogger on Finslippy, has written for Wondertime, Nerve, Wellesley Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Time Out New York, the Onion,, and various custom publications, and also worked on books with Heather Armstrong and more. While we may be drinking some jealousy reading her blog, it tastes so good going down.

#23 From Dates to Diapers: (alexa#130,808 technorati #15,577) Frugal mommy Christine, and one of walmarts top 11 moms, has created a blog chalk full of ideas with giveaways, amazing product reviews, and a splash of home life mixed in. From a presence on twitter, she is helping shape social networking, all while becoming a blogger that lays out easy to read posts, and product promotions to make your shopping life much easier. We think she is a mom in the know.

#22 Accidental Mommies: (alexa #73,372 technorati #15,320) Kim is one of the most selfless bloggers we know, not only giving time to other blogs out there with her vast knowledge, but running a site full of giveaways, charitable donations, and engaging content about her life. She shares videos, photos, and is a true part of the mom blogging community, not just for self gain, but for interaction and to bring worth into the entire momosphere.

#21 Boobs, Injuries, and Dr. Pepper (alexa#276,175 technorati #6,778) You down with HMO? She says “This is not a mommy blog. My kids aren’t perfect & I cuss a lot. I think that disqualifies me from the mommy blog club.” Nonetheless, her crass and sass earn her a spot on our top 50 blogs that made 2008 great. From her ass burrowing husband and thinking of going Black Friday shopping drunk next year, we think you should just watch her to find out….

#20 Immoral Matriarch (alexa #337,474 technorati #40,649) We like how she has a no holds barred kinda attitude, the kind that doesn’t apologize for where she comes from or where she is going. And going places she is! Since starting her blog in January 2008 she has ‘created her own niche‘, spoken at BlogHer ‘08: San Francisco, been F**cking lovedquoted in the BBC & by Women’s eNews, pictured in The New York Times, featured on Five Star Friday & Good Mom/Bad Mom, and that’s just the beginning. We are not sure whether to send her to a convent or…….ah, no way, we like the raw reality of her.

#19 Baby Mac (alexa#4,379,912 technorati #not registered) I hesitate to put this on here, but something is pulling me too. Ill let you go and read for yourself.

#18 Sarcastic Mom (alexa#199,966 technorati #8,493) If we called her a sarcastic b*tch, I think she would take it as a compliment. So there ya go…you’re a sarcastic b*tch…..and that’s a compliment. We cried on her bumpy ride and we know in time, her mo jo will be back together. This blogger is on our 2009 watch list.

#17 Miss Britt (alexa#163,485 technorati #15,121) Sometimes I feel that no one can tell you about a blog, but the blogger, so here is a bit about her in her own words. (In August 2007 my husband and I, along with our two kids, packed up and moved to central Florida – 1400 miles away from everyone and everything we ever knew.You will also find me writing about vaginas , shopping, depression, politics, religion, my quest to take over the world, and me). We think she sums it up quite nicely.

#16 Where am I going? And why am I in this hand basket? (alexa#1,404,904 technorati #55,717) We like Mama Tulip because she is about as good of a baker as we are…although we cant say we have ever made tittie cookies. Obsessed with reality TV, has two kids, and isn’t quite your typical soccer mom, her daughter seems to be a natural born vegetarian like my own. We like her everyday stories that makes her house seem like the family next door you want to have at your Christmas party.

#15 The Bloggess (alexa#121,626 technorati #2,821) About the Bloggess: (I write for Good Mom/Bad Mom on the Houston Chronicle but I need an uncensored space to curse and talk about blow jobs.  If you know me in real life you might not want to be here.) If Jenny cant make us feel better about our impending age and the same things we have noticed, at least we have company to hang out with. And we are quite sure she isn’t afraid to chug vodka straight from the bottle…….oh, and show us cool inventions like the thong hoodie. Who knew?

#14 Pioneer Woman (alexa#26,193 technorati #24) I’m gonna be nice here. I really think the Pioneer Woman has a pretty kick ass site going on. I ranked her higher then dooce, because she seems more real. That being said, she isn’t real enough to visit all our blogs and say hi. But I am not going to start chugging Hateraide again. Target doesn’t sell it anyway.

#13 Adventures in Babywearing (alexa#218,618 technorati #8,710) Stephanie’s is an easy going babywearing mom, active in the mom blogging community with a soft website that is easy to read and she is easy to know. Here is her story and we think you will agree, that her life is touching and her advice, wise.

#12 Moosh in Indy (alexa#300,335 technorati #9,694) Casey brings a whole lot to the table of mom blogging. From her Hot Blogger Calendar win, her excellent sponsors, and her avid picture taking, she lets us into her life that is full of color and everything important about being a mom.

#11 Happy Meals and Happy Hour: (alexa# 472,088 technorati # 27,003) Not sure if she is bringing the rum or we are, but we are going to meet her somewhere in hell after this post. Or maybe it was this one. Either way, we admire her ability to say whatever she wants and run the opposite direction without spilling her glass of wine. Anyone who puts Jesus in a snuggie, is worth the top 50. In fact, we think we may buy her a shot at BlogHer and turn the camera on.

*****Top 10 Mom Blogs of the Year. These were not easy to decide. We hope that you agree with us, but if not, feel free to let us know who your top 10 would have been*****

#10 Okay, Fine, Dammit (alexa#336,442 technorati #20,915) The day Maggie Snow came to life was the day she realized she could write and get paid for it. Her writing is a mix of upbeat and the least upbeat post she has ever written. Her posts sometimes read like a page out of a journal or a collection of short stories by an author. Regardless of how you feel, her online blog is more then just a creation of random situations, but of experiences she wants you along for.

#9 Barefoot Foodie (alexa#808,555 technorati #58,154) Before I met Brittany, my online life was lacking something. It may have been her wit, charm, and no apologetic attitude with the F bomb thrown in, whittled into a gorgeous cute pregnant woman that drew me in. Or maybe its the bipolar change of heart where you find out she really loves her husband and can draw you to tears in the reveal. I cant explain why this blogger or her posts seem so real to me when I read them and she doesnt try to be someone she isnt…and she doesn’t need to.

#8 C Jane Run (alexa#66,234 technorati #1,194) Again, best explained by the author (Hi I am c jane  This blog was originally created as proof that I was taking all the advice to “enjoy it” while in the throes of fertility challenges. When my son, The Chief, was conceived I decided to keep writing anyway. Then, my sister Nie Nie and her husband were in a private plane crash (August 16, 2008) and are now trying to recover from very critical burns. I blog for donations on their behalf.). Courtney runs her blog as a very special tribute that has widely spread accross the web in a viral attempt that brought bloggers together in 2008 for the very real and touching recovery of Nie Nie.

#7 Mom Generations (alexa#173,789 technorati #unknown) Before I was a blogger, I knew of Audrey and Jane from Pinks and Blues. Now they have moved on and changed their site to Mom Generations and brought thier mom on board. (btw, that takes a ton of guts, I dont een want my parents reading my blog) Not only can you focus on the personal accounts of all three bloggers, but they have finds of the day, product reviews, contests, and a neverending supply of energy that brought us the creation of the first ever Hot Blogger Calendar. We think they have no where to go but up.

#6 I am Bossy (alexa#229,892 technorati #5,457) Depending on the kindness of mediocrities, I am bossy is not an advice blog. It’s not a mom blog, or a political blog. It is the whimsical, scattershot effort of Georgia Getz. The format is cute but has no teeth. Always directionless, we don’t know where it’s going – but we do know it’s not worth the fare or time to get there. All aboard the whitey express!

#5 The Secret is in the Sauce (alexa#250,439 technorati #2,080) Remember heather from up there on the top of our list? Heather and Tiffany are the brain children behind this ultra positive and popular mom blog that allows other mom blogs to be in the spotlight, if only for a day. While they offer contests on their page, their real draw is in the comments, a bloggers personal crack cocaine. Enticing people to come in daily and visit the blogger of the day and leave them a comment, they are exposing countless blogs a year to new readers and fulfilling dreams of a post of readers.

#4 Tip Junkie (alexa#178,945 technorati #1,653) If you dont know Laurie, your probably not really surfing the Internet much. Mentioned in literally thousands of a sites online, she runs a website that provides tips and ideas collaborated and shared from everyday moms accross the world. Whatever idea you need, whatever inspiration you are looking for, with list after list and link after link, there are pictures that will keep all of your years full of family fun that is neverending. Her contribution to the mommy blog world with this passionate site places her in our top 10.

#3 Mama Kats Losin It (alexa#712,819 technorati #14,848) Mama Kat is her name and getting on Ellen is her game and we are pretty sure she will some day. Or atleast be the stalker that makes it to the audience and holds up the top 10 reasons why she needs to be pulled on stage. The pictures that she creates that bring together the posts, superimposing her face on almost anything, brings a quality to her site that makes it so hilarity is bound to ensue.  About any day of the week you can hop by and get involved in writing workshops, ideas for your own blog, blog hopping amongst friends, or read the interesting life of Kat herself, but we can promise that you will never leave without a giggle. And we are not alone in that feeling.

#2 5 Minutes for Mom (alexa#64,835 technorati #371)  You cant say Mom Blog or Top Mom Blog without thinking first and foremost of Susan and Janice. Who doesn’t know them…raise their hands? *looking around* Oh, no one? Of course! Their powerhouse of blogs have taken off from 5 minutes for mom to 5 minutes for giveaways, parenting, special needs, going green, and books. You cant deny that what these moms bring is special to the world of mom blogging, providing inspiration, charity, hope, and a community that is integrated into all of our blogs in some way.

#1 My Charming Kids (alexa#266,629 technorati #3,352) And our number one blog of the year is MckMama. Do I need to say more?


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  1. Lori McKenna says

    Thanks for all the blogs to read! Pop on over to mine if you get a chance. I’m new at this but having a ball. Love sharing it!

  2. says

    I’m way late here but thanks for the list! I know of some of these blogs but not all so yay, new blogs to read! And add to my ever growing list of blogs I don’t get around to reading as often as I’d like, lol.

  3. says

    What a great list!

    It’s wonderful to see so many great mom-bloggers in one place. I especially heart Jenny (aka The Blogess!) :)