Toys for the whole family

The average time working parents get to spend with their children nowadays is slipping to sometimes mere minutes per day, so it’s all the more important to emphasize quality time together on the weekend. Even if the winter weather scuppers your plans, here are a few ideas on how to get the whole family playing indoors.

Board games have always been favorite family time toys and the toy companies know this! There are loads of fun games to try which are suitable for all ages and once you’ve gathered a few for your collection, it’s a real low-cost way of bringing the family together.

They’re also the perfect solution for rainy days, so get out your old Monopoly or Twister editions or try newer games like Cranium.

Hands-on toys are great for teaching the kids how to think constructively, while still keeping the adults happy. Building things out of Lego never really loses its joy even as you grow up, especially now that you can get bigger and more complex sets for older children, and help them put together anything from a dragon to a whole city.

Even if you there’s an age gap between your children, you can set up complimentary activities for everyone with a good art box. Build up a selection of crayons, felt pens and scrap-booking materials for your little ones, while crafts kits can get older kids making paper animals, mobiles or even designing their own mosaic. What’s more, budget options are only as easy as cutting a few potatoes and getting out the poster paints.

A bit of imagination is all it takes to transform a dull afternoon into playtime with very little effort. Even indoors, there are plenty of active ideas, from fitness video games to staging your own talent show in the lounge. Encouraging everyone to get involved creates an important sense of community and instead of the weekend being about hanging on the couch or up in their rooms, it’s much more satisfying to see your children engaging with you, and each other.


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    That’s so true Trisha. Sadly we’re surrounded by way too many electronic toys and while the learning experience is awesome, the quality family time spent has now been eaten into in a big way. I love the idea of doing a mandatory weekly family game night. We’re yet to stick to the routine…but we’re getting there! 😉

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