Tutu Hairbow Holder Instructions (Step 3)

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If you are here randomly, you may be wondering where the other tutu hair bow holder instructions are. This is the 3rd step, so you may have to go backwards to one of these posts:

This is step 3, finishing work to include details and your back.

Last we left off was #15 doing the middle of the skirt. On we go!

16) At this point the main part of your bowholder is complete. What you want to do now is some finishing work. Initially I said that a few creases on the front were not a big deal for me because I knew I would use some tricks to cover them up. If you are going to keep your bodice plain, just make sure you work on that a little longer so it has no mistakes on the front.

Hair Bow Holder Free

For the middle, my two favorite ways to do the middle part are three ribbons on the front and flowers. In this case, I used flowers. I just buy the ones from Hobby Lobby and pop the tops off and hot glue down.  I prefer Gerber Daisies in the middle because they seem to have them in lots of colors and have good coverage on a bow holder.

17) I also love a criss cross bodice. Take two equal length satin ribbons and hot glue the ends on the bottom and flip over and cross and glue in the back. I dont bring my ribbons all the way over and around because its a waste of ribbon, so I just double back. You can use this to cover up creases fairly well by strategically placing ribbons over those spots. The criss cross has a very practical purpose as well by allowing your smaller tinier clips to be placed at the top.

18) I also always add a shoulder bow. Just create your bow with your satin ribbon. I prefer matching double bows to pull it all together.

19) Now you are ready to do your back. (Tired yet?)

For this part you need a piece of felt that goes about 2 inches all the way around your bodice. The easiest way to do this is to lay your felt onto the back of your bodice and TRACE IT with a pen, and then cut out. Your piece will be bigger, obviously, but will give you a starting point.

20) Starting with the neckline, hot glue around the edges to seal up the bodice. I always start in the neck area, work across the shoulder, then do the other neck area and shoulder. This will leave you with some excess felt. VERY CAREFULLY start to trim around the back and then glue down. Do one side at time. If you trim too much, felt as a tiny bit of give and you can pull it, but heed my warnings on this. Take your time trimming up. Once each side is done, you can trim the bottom in a straight line.

Free Tutorial Hairbow Holder

That’s it!! Now all you have to do is hang and enjoy.

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Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!
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  1. Maria Trevino says

    The detailed instructions were wonderful and very well written. (I usually stop reading instructions when they get boring.)
    I can wait to try this project :)
    Thank you.

  2. margie howell says

    Great directions on tutu bow hanger. I can’t wait to try this. I make tons of bows. Now I need toventure out to the holder and these are the cutest I’ve seen.thanks,Margie Howell

  3. Diane says

    I LOVE IT~~ these are so beautiful and yes I probley will try to make one…I bought one I guess someonehadmade but these are outstanding~~so good to know just exactly how to make it…THANK YOU for sharing and your instructions were so easy and fun to follow….I am a visual learner and this was GREAT !!! I am really excited about seeing more of your post….

  4. Millie says

    i love your tutorial. I will be making this tutu for my daughter room and I will send you a picture so you can see my bow holder. Thanks for sharing your instructions Trisha!!