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Ultimate Mega Makeup Palette

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Makeup is absolutely one of my very favorite things. I can usually count on my friends asking me on a weekly basis what is the best mascara, blush, eyeshadow and more. And its great to be the one that everyone comes to but that also means I have to stay on my toes on new products. This wek I wanted to introduce you to a great holiday palette that Avon, a fan favorite of most women, put out.

Ultimate Mega Palette

#avon Ultimate Mega Makeup Palette


At only $29.99 this little palette packs a huge punch with a variety of eyeshadow, blush, and lip glosses for every dress you have in your closet. While the colors are tiny, they are meant to test out and hopefully  help you find which of your favorites you want to invest in large products for. This palette is also easy to travel with and comes with a few brushes. Personally I prefer my real brushes over the ones included, but these are fine for backups.

Avon Representative

Now recently I had a chance to talk to Emily Seagren who answered a few question for me about Avons huge line of products sand her successful carrier path with Avon.

MomDot: I would love to know your top 5 products for the holidays you are recommending.

 Emily: Avon has so many great products to recommend to customers and especially at holiday times. Here are my top 5 recommendations:

  •  Anew 2 Week Kits – If my customers are long-time Anew users or have yet to try Anew for the first time, the Anew 2 Week Kits are perfect for traveling and a great way to try one of the regimens without spending too much up front. My favorite Anew line is Rejuvenate. I love how the Anew Rejuvenate products make my skin look and feel!
  •  Glimmersticks Eye Liners – I always tell my customers they can never have too many Glimmersticks! With so many different kinds of Glimmersticks to choose from, customers should definitely stock up on a few of each kind for themselves and to give as gifts. I use Glimmersticks Waterproof Eye Liner in Brown Chocolate or Blackest Night.
  •  Glowdacious Illuminating Powder by mark – For any customer who is looking for a facial bronzer, I recommend the Glowdacious Illuminating Powder. I absolutely love the mark makeup! After applying my foundation and powder, I always add the Glowdacious Illuminating Powder in Shimmied Up to give a nice glowing finish to my face.   
  •  Anew Clinical Advanced Retexturizing Peel – When any of my customers talk to me about wanting to even out their skin tone, one of the products I highly recommend is the Anew Clinical Advanced Retexturizing Peel. I have to say I had not tried the product myself until it appeared on the Dr. Oz show but now I will never go without using it. This product definitely makes my skin softer and smoother and helps my makeup go on more evenly.       
  •  Naturals Kids Products – For any of my customers who have children or grandchildren, I definitely recommend the Naturals Kids products. I love this line of products and so do my kids! The fruity scents and cute characters on the bottles make bath time fun. The roll-on body paints keep my kids happy and entertained in the tub. I also think it’s great I can use one product, the Natural Kids Body Wash and Bubble Bath, for 2 uses. Any product that saves me a step in my routine is a must. 

MomDot: Personally and/or professionally, what attracted you to Avon and why do you enjoy your career with Avon?

 Personally I was drawn to Avon because of all of the great product offerings. Like many other consumers out there today, I am a bargain shopper and look for great deals but I also like high-quality products…Avon gives you the best of both worlds! It is true that many of the products sell themselves because Avon just makes great products.

 I have my grandma to thank for introducing me to Avon. When I was little, she would always give all of her grandchildren Avon lip balms, hand creams, and perfume as Christmas gifts. I never imagined Avon would become my full-time career.

 Professionally I enjoy selling Avon because the business is so flexible and the opportunities are limitless! With a husband and two small children at home, I love that I can grow my Avon business at my own pace! I signed up to sell Avon almost a year after my first child was born. I was working a full-time job at the time and looking for a way to spend more time at home. Avon has given me the ability to earn income but at the same time spend valuable time at home with my children while they are young.   

MomDot: Is your family involved with Avon? (ex/ Daughter, Husband)  Are there roles that your different family members play with your business?  

 My family is completely supportive of my Avon business. My children are still a little too young to help out with the business but my husband definitely plays a pivotal role in helping me. He understands how important my Avon business is to me and will help out in any way that he can. My husband is my emotional support and helps with “business chores” when I get overly busy. I love that he is always trying to come up with new ideas to make business tasks easier for me, which in turn helps me be more productive in less time.

 MomDot: What is your best selling product? Do you have a personal favorite?

My two best selling products are Glimmersticks Eye Liners and the Anew Ultimate Day Cream. In the years I’ve been selling Avon, I have sold over 3,000 black Glimmersticks and over 200 jars of Anew Ultimate Day Cream. My personal favorite is the Anew Clinical Advanced Retexturizing Peel. 

If you are interested in any of the products mentioned above, including that gorgeous Holiday Palette, you can shop Avon here!


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  1. I suck at makeup too, I keep it simple. I can never get my eye shadow right.
    I have bought a bunch of those glimmersticks eye liners, when I used to work and they went on sale I’d stock up.

  2. I really want one of these. I have a big eyeshadow palette from the Elf line but really would love to have one of these. I have always been a fan of the Avon stuff.

  3. Wow, that’s a great deal!

  4. I suck at makeup. I know I look great when I have other people to help me, but somehow I forget everything they teach me within just a few days. I think I need a personal Avon rep that can teach me a thing or two at least a time or two :)

  5. I love makeup too, but I am going so frunchy I will only buy a few things now.

  6. That is a ton of makeup for the price! Looks fun.

  7. I always stick with the same colors. I wouldn’t know where to start with that many choices.

  8. I love palettes that have a bunch of color options like that. Now if they would come with a built in lock, that would be awesome. They’re also enticing to 5 year old girls. sigh.

    • and 16 month boys AND 8 year old girls. LOL. I should share the picture I have of P this morning. I was checking a text and he came in and dumped ALL my makeup. I took a pic and text to Kim.

  9. That palette is one of my favorites! It is so pretty!

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