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Undercover reporting…….(repost)


Oh, the things I do when I am bored and the site was down for two days. (if you have seen this, please re comment..the post didn’t transfer w/ the hosting so its a repost).

This video is NOT fancy…i just put it together quick, but thought you would enjoy the ending. ANd this guy drives around like this. I had to cut it off quickly, because his wife came home so I took a picture and ran!


  1. that’s just sick!

  2. So I started watching this video when it first posted but got distracted & I just finished & yelled AHHH!!
    ..hahaa!! My kids are looking at me like WTF mom?
    OMG.. .. I just dont have words.. how priceless..

  3. Oh my gosh! That is so disturbing!

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