Are you guilty of doing nothing for yourself?

I think women have this underlying attitude that they do not have time to do anything for themselves.

And in some ways, its true. We have to MAKE time. Its always about the kids, the spouse, the dinner, the bills, the store shopping, all of it. But I am of mind that if you do not take time for yourself, to go out shopping, to fix your hair a few times a week, to buy yourself something new, that you can really easily get to the point where you justify jogging pants and pony tails for the next 15 years.

No one wants to wake up at the young age of 35 and say “Man, I wish I was 28 again.”


Let me tell you a secret…I love being 35.

The drama of being in my 20’s has since past. My kids, while quite a challenge, are fantastic. I am enjoying where I am going and what I am doing and how I wake up with the people I love the most every day.  Its also easy to think ” I wish I was… (fill the blank) prettier, skinnier, better skin, better hair, better teeth”.  I think there are plenty of things you can do to make you FEEL good AND look good AND feel like you look good on a daily basis.

For me, I use good shampoo products, I take baths with bath bombs and natural soaps, I find makeup that fits my skin type, and I put on lotion and SPF daily.

Listen the only skin I have is the one I am in and even if I secretly wish I had $10K to clean up that whole C section scenario, the me right now is the one I have to take care of!

Vaseline® Spray & Go

Recently Vaseline asked me to showcase its brand new Vaseline® Spray & Go. Its lotion that has a continuous spray that allows you to be a busy mom, busy woman, busy person, and still keep up with taking care of yourself.

So I bought some…

And guess what? It’s actually pretty brilliant. We are used to seeing these bottles to conveniently apply suntan lotion to ourselves and the kids, but now to have it in lotion, well, no excuse to NOT moisturize on a daily basis.




It took me maybe 5 seconds to spray and rub in my Vaseline® Spray & Go (in Aloe scent!).

I did it right here at my desk and now my legs are so soft and as an added benefit, my office smells lovely!  Now Aloe is not the only type they have. They also have a total moisture and a cocoa butter, so its great for all skin types. I like the soothing benefits of Aloe, which is why I picked up that one.

$1 off Vaseline® Spray & Go

Real Women Review NEW Vaseline® Spray & Go

Watch reviews of the new Vaseline® Spray & Go lotion from trusted women just like you at Walmart! Even better, after watching you can print a $1 coupon so you can try it for yourself! The video is super short and shows you exactly how it works.

Win A fantastic Prize Pack!

To help MomDot visitors get their groove back and take care of themselves, all while showing how easy it is to moisture, Lunchbox PR is partnering with my site to give away 5 fantastic prize packs! There will be FIVE winners of 1 pack a piece.  Each pack consists of:

  • $100 Gap gift card
  • Full Size Vaseline Spray & Go bottle
  • Stop Watch
The $100 Gap gift card is meant to be used to purchase an item of clothing that is traditionally tough to get on after moisturizing (such as a silk blouse, skinny jeans, etc.), and the stop watch is meant to time yourself so you can see how quick you’re able to moisturize and get dressed.

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