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What did you get for Valentines Day?

I printed some pictures and had them framed for Chris’ Valentines Day. I know that we take a million pictures but rarely print them so I wanted to do something special for him. Now he can show off his beautiful kids in his office!

valentines day gifts

Chris got all creative and got me pillow cases so we can stay connected even when we sleep…





What did you get/give?


  1. Oh my gosh, those are both the best things ever! I gave the kids each one flower and took my four year old to a local pizza place (his choice) before preschool. The guy I am dating bought me a cute little teddy bear and a super sweet card. Tonight he is getting a sitter for his kids (I am kid free) and taking me out to dinner. Yay!

  2. Love those pillow cases. To cute!! I’m divorced and single so no love in my life but my family. We went out to dinner and I bought all my kids and grandkids cute Valentine Day gifts.

  3. Okay, I want those pillow cases. My hubby did really well.

  4. My husband and I have never really exchanged gifts but I made one of his favorite meals and we watched a movie together so that was nice. Your pillowcases are too cute!

  5. Aww…cute. I got flowers and special handmade mochi from my husband.

  6. Love your gifts to each other! My hubby did a cool thing…he had flowers, candy and a teddy bear delivered to me, but he addressed them to me and to our 11-year-old daughter and signed the card from him and from our 15-year-old son. I thought that was very cool and my girl loved it, too! For him, I made his favorite dinner and dessert and that was exactly what he wanted :)

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