What trends did you have when you were younger?

While walking through Walmart yesterday, I noticed passing the boys section, OP clothing on the racks. When I was younger, and where I grew up, OP Clothing was very fashionable. It was a surf company and was not sold in Walmart. However, I grew up in the household that bought from Walmart..LOL! So no brand name OP over here….but now, you can get it right there. Does that mean Walmart got better or OP got crappier?

I started thinking about all the brands that were big and all the trends that I grew up a part of. What was “the thing” when you grew up?

For me:

* Jellies Shoes (ugg, did you know they sell these ugly things in places like BCBG now? WTF. Let them die. And check out this picture…Jelly Heels. Someone over there at that company obviously has never worn them……they tore holes in your feet from blisters THEN. I cannot even imagine the wrath of a Jelly Heel.

*Slap bracelets. Interestingly, I also saw these recently in a 25 cent machine. I was itching to get one. Nostalgia.

*Tight rolling white washed jeans. Lets not go there.

*This one is my favorite…leggings w/ long shirts and a BELT around the middle. I actually saw someone in White House Black Market (working there) sporting this style last weekend. It was not cute then, its not cute now. I don’t get why trends go BACKWARDS.

*Crimped Hair….with a real crimper. Oh, and put up in a banana clip. SEXXXXXXXY.

What about you?



  1. says

    Sam and Libby shoes with the footless leggings with lace…babydoll dresses, and can we say hair spray, lots and lots of hairspray? Oh, and perms, gotta get those curls. Looking back, when I thought I was soooo cool, looks more like I stuck my hand in a light socket! I DID resist the bright blue shadow trend, and I am so glad now!

    And yes, EVERYTHING Trisha listed in the post. Some of those trends really do need to die!

    I mean, can no one come up with anything original? Other than the slutty look of brats dolls, hoochie mamas and such?

  2. Becky says

    I was looking in my yearbook the other day, and I swear that EVERYONE was wearing over-alls. I remember wearing them all the time. They must have been very IN in the late ’90’s. Also, in elementry school I loved wearing 2 pairs of socks at the same time-neon colored of course. One pair up high, and one pair rolled down. I was so styling.

  3. simply anonyMOM says

    *parachute pants
    *the “Button your Fly” campaign
    *Girls wearing white shirts and thin ties
    *tight tight shirts and loose baggy pants
    *high heeled sneakers (I had bubblegum pink with heart cut outs)
    *Plaid and stripes worn together
    *Grunge and Heroine sheek, lol

  4. says

    ok, i totally remember all those trends you mentioned! But to add to that, i wore those M.C. Hammer pants w/ a champion sweatshirt and white ked sneakers….OH YEAAAHHH!!!

  5. says

    Oh definitely the little clips that held your shirt in a bunch to the side! HOTT right? And the footless tights with the lace around the ankle. Oh and the hairspray. huge bangs. Aquanet was my bff.

  6. Charming Lamb says

    1. Neon colors
    2. Twister beads
    3. Lace gloves (think Madonna)
    4. Parachute pants
    5. Yo-yo’s shoes – my mom wouldn’t let me have them because they were too much like ‘high heels’!

    OMG…I could go on forever!

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