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What would you do with $7000 a week…forever?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Publishers Clearing House for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


My husband and I often play this game when we are in the car for long periods of times.

What would we do if we won a lot of money?

We both easily agree that we would pay off student loans of family members, house loans, and generally make sure no one had any debt. But after that…what would you do.


Buy new cars?

Travel a lot?

I can tell you what I would do if I won $7000 a week for LIFE.

I would buy this car.

lexus concept car

I would go on this vacation.


And I would probably walk through Ulta and buy every piece of hair product and makeup within my eye line view.

I would also open an animal non profit, because, let’s face it, that is who I am and not having to worry about paying bills would clear up that time. It’s not like our house isn’t practically a foster facility already!

Now you have the chance… Publishers Clearing House currently has a contest where YOU could win $7000 a week for life!

Check out this video where a winner was living paycheck to paycheck before he won!

And it’s mega easy to enter and something you are already doing on a daily basis -searching. You likely searched to end up here and now its time to search with a purpose! Just head over to Win $7,000 a Week for Life from Publishers Clearing House  and search via their ultra friendly search engine!

I tested it out myself by searching the Xbox One…probably one of my husband Christmas gifts (I hope he isn’t reading this).

You can also enter daily on thier site:

publisher clearing house

Now you tell me, cause we both know you have had this thought, what would YOU do if you had $7000 a week (that’s $28K a month) FOR LIFE?


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  1. Donna McGoldrick says:

    I would buy me a house, pay off my car, and help my son with their new home!!!

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