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When being yourself just isn’t good enough.

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Every day I get a few hundred emails. And while I delete most of them, every now and again Ill click a link to see what its all about.

Today I got a pitch for a photobook company. I have ordered photo books in the past and I adore having them. The last time I ordered one for my father in law, his mom liked it so much (great grandma to the kids) that she wanted it and I have yet to be able to go back and replace. In a time where everything is online and digital, I dream of a world where I will yearly consolidate my favorite photos before I am 65 and Facebook and digital cards are obsolete.

Anyhoo, I hop over to the site and see they specialize in making your photos “magazine quality” before printing in your book.

Ooh, fun!

Here is an example:

photobook2   retouching

and this one…


Then it comes to this one:



I am trying to decide why you would get professional photos done, then added to a book for memories, and then pay someone to make you look THINNER?

I sorta left the site not sure what to feel.

I wear a padded bra and I certainly try to stand up straighter if someones taking a shot, even to the side to cut out that mom belly, but I can honestly say I have never shaved off any pounds in photo editing.

So let me ask you… do you make yourself more slender before you publish a photo?


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  1. Never even thought about it because then it wouldn’t be me in the photo.

  2. I have edited photos of myself (for fun, not for online) to see what I’d look like with a smaller nose, thinner face, smaller cheekbones, etc. Truthfully, there’s only a dozen or so photos of me that even exist as an adult and I got rid of all my teen photos.

    So yeah, I would probably pay for a service like that if someone was going to see the photo. It would make me feel better.

  3. Nah. But I’ve done it just to “see”, but that was for my eyes only.

  4. I have not, but, without sounding like a jerk, I’m thin to begin with. I would sometimes like to shop out my tummy when it looks big!

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