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When did “the blacks” become a school book term?

I live in a very non-politically correct state.  You don’t really here ‘Caucasian’ and ‘African American’, you hear black and white (and redneck) and that seems fine for most people. Now I haven’t really talked to my daughter a lot about racism. 50% of our street is black and the other half white.

We are all just people, neighbors, and in most cases, friends.

With the upcoming MLK holiday on Monday, Charlotte’s school has started teaching about the life of Martin Luther King. Yesterday this sheet came home and my husband and I did a double take.

Here is a scan of the first paragraph:


That “black lady” had a name…it was Rosa Parks.

And I get that this sheet may be dumbed down for Charlotte’s grade level (2nd), but she is 8 years old. Surely she can learn history correctly. We were also a little take aback with the term “the blacks”. With the exception of this paragraph, the rest of the sheet was fine.

Charlotte didn’t seem to notice and on the back of the sheet wrote “King, Good, Nice.”

Chris thinks we need to bring it up to the staff.

I can tell that this was taken out of a school text book, which means I cannot be the only parent whose child has this sheet. Before I go raise a big fuss about nothing, is this offensive to anyone else?



  1. I think they need to update their textbooks…

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