Am I crazy?

I bought this couch today….

I have been looking for a new couch for months and had my eye on this one for the past month. And when the floor sample went on sale for almost 50% off retail to make room for a new color, I couldn’t say no. Four recliners and two of them are power.

(my crappy iphone shots…P was on my hip and struggling to be let loose.)

I texted a picture to my friend Lynsey and she said “Are you throwing away every writing utensil in your house?”

She has a is white. In any case I am not worried about the pens and markers. I am more concerned about the 5 cats that have 20 claws a piece and the dog, whose nails seem to get gnarly before I can control them. And I can’t keep ANY of them off the furniture.

Oh well.

I’ll be happy for a few years at least.




  1. Yasmine says

    Its looks comfy- I love the white! I can’t wait until the day we move and I get to get new furniture- definitely white leather couch or sectional in the living room- Leather is nice because its easy to wipe- good choice.

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