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Why I do not have an Instagram Account.

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Every one of my friends has an instagram account.

Even I have one…that I do not use.

And when I tell people I do not use it, they look at me like I have two heads.

“Instagram is so fun!” or “I love Instagram!”

I think my instagram account would be the biggest bore on instagram. I may garner like 4 friends and those would probably be related to me.

Case in point…here are photos of my life that I have taken this week.

  • Messy house
  • Messy House
  • Mischief by P
  • Mom and Me
  • Mom Fuel (Love this stuff!)
  • Boredom (see a theme here?)
  • Visit to TRU…all those choices and he loves the pink one!
  • How did one kid get so many similar trucks?
  • Catching a cat in a box
  • Si Robertson tea glasses for sale..too small for me
  • Step2 in backyard. Best purchase ever.
  • Pete’s Party Castle for dinner last night.
  • Double Rainbow over my house


messy house






boys like pink


Catching a cat

Si Robertson



double rainbow


Hashtag: Boring.

Hashtag: Yawn fest.


17 Amazing Shares Facebook 13 Pin It Share 0 Twitter 4 Google+ 0 StumbleUpon 0 Email -- 17 Amazing Shares ×


  1. Your pictures are great! I think Instagram would give your readers another chance to get to know you. Those were all great “behind the scene” pics. I’d totally like all your pics!

    I sometimes participate in Instagram challenges so that I can think of different things to post that has a theme as well as gain new followers. But not every social media platform is for everyone. So if it doesn’t work for you no biggie. But I think those pictures were great.

    • Thanks Jai! I post a ton of this stuff on my blog so I would *hope* that people would come here, but I know its unrealistic. Most people just go to social platforms. I am guilty of being a facebook junkie myself.

      • I’ve also seen other bloggers do a blog post with an insta-life recap for the week or month where you can share your favorite pics. It’s so easy to take a pic and post on instagram. I have all these blog post ideas but then it’s like ugh I have to write?! It takes too long! ;)

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