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Why my $1000 Laptop was a waste of money.

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Earlier this month I had the pleasure of talking with a few thousand of my closest friends on twitter for the HP Show and Tech twitter party. As a part of that, HP sent me an HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14inch sleekbook. Now as a blogger you can imagine I use a lot of tech products. From tablets to phones, desktops, to my mac and of course a lap top. But till now I had a hard time with my laptop.

See last year around April I decided I needed a laptop.  My tablet wasn’t cutting it where photography and editing were concerned and when I was on trips I could not dump and resize photos without a huge hassle. I knew that I needed a working on the go computer and researched laptops over and over again. I finally settled on one and let me tell you….I have used it THREE TIMES in the past year. Why?

It’s so heavy. So much more than I thought it was in the store. When it comes to traveling and airports, I found myself seriously lugging around this massive laptop that might have been a great idea in my head but put an extra 15 pounds in my bag that I got sick of really quick. I found that I never took it with me and poof, there went $1000 dollars of wasted money.

Its been gathering dust on my dresser since last March.

Which brings me to this new HP.

HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14inch sleekbook

What I am excited about regarding this new HP is that the laptop screen is as BIG as my current one in screen height but weights significantly less. It has a 14 inch screen, 4 gig memory, 500 gig harddrive, and can sit on my lap with ease.

Hence…a laptop.

HP Laptop

It also has the exact same programs and features as my $1000 laptop but for only $348, which makes it a great gift, a great college computer or just a perfect laptop for your household or business needs. And ease of use? One thing I can has been an improvement is last year the windows touch screen I found confusing on my touchscreen.

  • Where was my desk top?
  • How do I add things to the drive?

Going from a touch screen tablet to a touch screen laptop wasn’t quite the same thing. It did have a learning curve for me. But one thing I noticed and I am not sure if this is an HP thing or a new Windows 8 thing, but everything is easily available on your main screen with sides that pop out with an easy touch, a quick and easy way to bring you to the “old” desktop look you are used to (and back again)



apps you can surf through and download (free and paid - I use both)



and screen to screen navigation that makes my go to places like StumbleUpon a breeze to visit.


Plus, and I hate to mention this as a feature, but this is FUN on a laptop.




Are you looking to up your computer game and not sure where to start or to go? I encourage you to check the HP Show & Tech page out. Its a fantastic resource and hosts LIVE product demonstrations so you do not end up like I did – with a $1000 doorstop I cant use. I have since used my new HP tripled the times in the past few weeks than I have used my old one all year long, which to me means I have finally found the RIGHT piece of equipment for my needs.

Upcoming shows are on these dates:


In addition the information they share is not just about laptops, but other tech materials like printers as well.

Instead of relying on the guy at the local merchandise store to tell you what you need to know, head over to the HP experts. 


Are you happy with your laptop? 


37 Amazing Shares Facebook 8 Pin It Share 0 Twitter 5 Google+ 24 StumbleUpon 0 Email -- 37 Amazing Shares ×


  1. I love my laptop! I have an Asus and it is the first laptop I’ve ever really liked.

    We bought our kids an HP desktop for Christmas. It’s been great.

  2. This would be a great option for my 13 year old who is really wanting his own laptop for school work.

  3. That honestly sounds like EXACTLY what I need. I was just using a tablet when I traveled but like you said it was hard because I couldn’t upload photos, etc. I need this!

  4. I know what you mean about windows 8. I hate it and found a website to get my desktop back. Windows 8 to me seemed to be a way to make your PC like a smartphone which, to me, seems a bit backwards.

  5. Only $348?? Yeah that has me sold right there LOL :) And I agree with the learning curve. I had a windows 8 laptop that took me awhile too.

  6. My HP laptop is a couple years old, but I love it! It’s small enough that I can balance it on my lap while nursing a baby to sleep. Win. I feel like I would have a big learning curve with a touchscreen laptop, too.

  7. Wow, the Sleekbook looks amazing. I am pretty happy with mine but I’d love to check out an HP.

  8. I don’t own a laptop. I’m too blind to deal with those tiny screens. If I have to quint to work, I can’t be productive.

  9. I have an Asus laptop, and it works fine with Windows 8 (but not a touch screen). I do have a HP Pavilion though, so I’m sure their laptops are great too.

  10. I bought one of those for my mom in law and she loves her HP! And yes, I’m a little jealous about the touch screen.

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