You mean you don’t clean your house this way?

Well, you should. I could start a house cleaning & dance revolution.

(you need to go into the post to see the video if you came here by the way of the front page)

Minus the freaking CD skipping. Annoying.

On the plus side, I think this is how you are supposed to get the most out of the cleaning calories. Oh, and I was gonna edit this, but after watching it, I realized it was stupid enough in its entirety to just post.


(tip: how fast a video loads or plays is up to your internet reception..if its crappy like mine, you need to let it load partway and then press play.)

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This article is a republish from 2010.I have been blogging for 4 years this month (July 2012) and wanted to republish some old material for new eyes. Thank you for all the fun, laughs, tears, events, PR, blogging, and friends! I love being a blogger, love being a mom blogger, love working with our brands, love the commnunity more than I can say. I hope you have enjoyed this blog over the years and enjoy this blast from the past.


  1. Miss Blondie says

    That was cute! You look better than me cleaning my house. I do dance but its not pretty and i usually end up sweaty and out of breath!!

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