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Zoes Kitchen; Healthy takeout

I am not someone that overly worries when I am out to eat about eating healthy. Honestly, if I get that worried I should probably be at home cooking, but sometimes I do like to have my fast meal fresh as well. In my city I feel like I have eaten almost everywhere, but a few weeks back while Phoenyx and I were on one of our many (MANY) trips to Gymboree here in Mobile, we took the stroller from end to end in the shopping complex and noticed a restaurant we had never been in! So when we had used our energy on shopping and needed a refill, we headed down and had lunch.

What kind of food does Zoes Kitchen have?

(sample of my local menu, you can see yours by going to the site and putting in your zip code)


They say the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. You might say fresh ingredients are the heart and soul of Zoës Kitchen. Our tasty, Mediterranean-inspired recipes originate from the southern kitchen of founder Zoë Cassimus, drawing from her Greek heritage. Today, everything is still made fresh daily. Zoës Kitchen is a natural extension of Zoë Cassimus’ lifetime of cooking for family and friends. Inspired by Zoë’s original recipes and her simple, fresh-from-the-garden sensibility, we start every day by making the food from scratch onsite at each restaurant. Our dishes are wholesome; our portions generous. It’s Mediterranean-inspired comfort food with customers’ dietary concerns in mind–nothing fried with gluten-free and vegetarian options. Zoë means “life” in Greek. Why not live it to the fullest with tasty food shared among close friends and family?

Local Zoes Kitchen in Mobile

Our local place was lively and bright and the people friendly! While you do have to wait a tad longer for your food, its because the food is made fresh. Therefore if you are picking out something like steak kabobs (like I did) be prepared to wait for them to be prepared!



Is the food any good at Zoes Kitchen?

Well, food is always subjective to your own tastes and I really like Mediterranean food, so I say yes. My husband isn’t a fan of some of the cheeses used in many Greek dishes, but he remarked later on how full he felt for hours after and not a full from eating too much, but a full from eating the right amount.  I think that meant he didn’t feel grossly disgusting like he would after a double cheeseburger.


I have been back to Zoes Kitchen atleast twice since the first time and it continues to impress! So next time you are out and about and see one, it’s worth stopping.


Disclaimer: first visit I paid for personally, second Zoes Kitchen invited me back to try a dish, third I paid for. All opinions are my own.

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