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5 Best Puzzles for Kids

Top 5 puzzles for kids that will teach while playing and not leave you frustrated

Are you looking for the best puzzles for kids? As a mom of a 4 year old that loves puzzles and a 10 year old that is generally playing along, I need family-friendly puzzles that we can all enjoy. I have to be honest- some I have purchased just ended up being way too hard but we have had plenty of winners as well. With 100s of dollars worth of puzzles in our home, I hope our favorites to recommend bring your family some joy this year as well.

If you are in a hurry and just want to go to our favorite puzzles listed in this article, please click below to see some unique and fun options! To learn about these puzzles, please scroll down to read more.


Janod Body MagnetJanod Body MagnetT.S. Shure Wooden Magnetic World MapT.S. Shure Wooden Magnetic World MapMelissa & Doug USA Map SoundMelissa & Doug USA Map SoundThe Learning Journey Jumbo Floor Puzzles,The Learning Journey Jumbo Floor Puzzles,Melissa & Doug Rainforest Jumbo JigsawMelissa & Doug Rainforest Jumbo Jigsaw

Best Puzzles for Kids

rain forest puzzle100-piece Deluxe Rain Forest Cardboard Floor Puzzle

I think when you are launching into puzzles for preschoolers, it’s easy to fall back on puzzles that include less pieces. And less pieces do make it less  challenging and for younger kids, that can be a good thing. That being said, take the leap on this 100-piece Delux Rain Forest Floor puzzle. Its 4 feet long, building vertically instead of horizontally like most puzzles, and is the puzzle that I enjoy the most! It comes with a nice poster that showcases all the animals and has just enough clues on each puzzle piece to make it simply enough. This puzzle does recommend 6 and up, but my 4 year old can knock this out in 30 minutes. This puzzle is also brightly colored and beautiful on completion, with sturdy cardboard pieces that are not too small or too large. The best part of this Melissa and Doug puzzle is that its 59% off MSRP when purchased on Amazon! 

Body Magnet by Janod

The Body Magnet puzzle does exactly what you think it does- teaches the human body. But it’s so much more than that! It includes the body magnetskeletal system, muscular system, organs and even skin! You can mix and match each puzzle piece to make a giggly good time and it also has a way of teaching each part of the human body. The match up cards that help you find the right part of the body for the puzzle come in a variety of languages, including English.  With 18 cards, 76 magnets, and a pointer stick, it also makes a perfect puzzle for homeschooling families. At $29.99, this educational puzzle includes Free Shipping through Amazon prime!

T.S. Shure Wooden Magnetic World Map Puzzle

map of the world puzzleAfter playing with the US map for 6 months, I knew that we were ready to move on to a larger, broader world and purchased the T.S. Shure Wooden Magnetic World Map Puzzle. One of our more expensive puzzles at $44.50, it has proved worth every penny. This very large floor puzzle includes 111 magnets of countries and land around the world. I thought that this would end up being very difficult for young children, but the color coding of the countries make it easy for you to find the right part of the world to match it up. Colorful and informative, I believe I have learned more about politics from this map then any newspaper. We have found ourselves, many family nights, sitting on the floor all putting together this puzzle. And at 26% off on Amazon, it’s a must have for kids of all ages over the “eating small pieces” age range. 

Want to read more about this wooden puzzle? <——–Head here for a breakdown and pictures of the pieces and puzzle!


Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden USA Map Sound Puzzle

US puzzleI originally discovered the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden USA Map Sound Puzzle at a local toy store. My son spent 20 minutes playing with it before I had to drag him away. Thankfully they were all out of this puzzle for purchasing because I found it on Amazon far more discounted than it was in the store. This puzzle is pretty awesome. Actually, all Melissa and Doug puzzles are pretty awesome and we have owned our fair share of them. This United States puzzle not only helps with learning all the state (Which my son did at 3 thanks to this puzzle), but also is a sound puzzle. When you drop the state down in its spot, it tells you the state and capital. Unlike a few US puzzles we have tested, this one has a perfect fit and the puzzle stays together. This puzzle is used daily in my home and was the original puzzle that kicked off my kids’ love for these kind of toys. If you had to pick only one puzzle to purchase, I would recommend this one.

Jumbo Floor Puzzles: Variety

dirt diggerMy last recommendation for you isn’t a specific puzzle as much as its a puzzle type! When your kids are starting out with puzzles at a young age, JUMBO floor puzzles make it easier for them to understand how puzzle pieces fit together and how to match up each color and line to connect. There are all kinds of Jumbo puzzles that include additional learning and because they are so large, they often have fantastic colors and details. Great for little hands, floor puzzles are exciting because there is generally a completed project that they can be proud of in a short amount of time. Often between $8-$12, Jumbo puzzles are an easy way to build up a puzzle collection without breaking the bank:


So no matter what type of puzzle you are looking for that you entire family can enjoy, so many can be found on Amazon for fantastic prices. I have found that out of all the toy purchases I make during the year, our puzzles are the ones I feel less guilty and more fulfilled with.  So stock up for the holidays or add a challenging family night, but whatever you do, keep playing with your kids!

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  1. Great picks. My kids already have the rain forest one and the US map puzzle; they solved them several times but they still love them.You can also find lots of child friendly puzzles online – if you have a tablet like an iPad you have instant access to thousands of free puzzles. For most apps on the AppStore you have to pay to unlock puzzles and features but if you search a bit on Google you can find great puzzles for free… they can be played directly in Safari. My favorite one is DailyJigsawPuzzles.net -it’s family friendly, it has big pieces so the kids can play and it works great both on my laptor and tablet -the solution for 2 kids that won’t wait their turn :).
    Anyway thanks for the great recommendations and an awesome site!
    All the best,

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