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Best Birthday Gifts for Women – Gag Gift Style

I have always been a person that loves giving gifts.  Birthdays, holidays, anniversary – or for no reason at all – I love making people smile with a gift of something new. Sometimes the gift is thoughtful, sometimes it is something useful… and sometimes it is just downright silly. And my go to place for silliness has always been Spencer’s Gifts. Whether it is a gift for a man or woman or ages 21-101 – Spencers Gifts has you covered.

Here are a couple that I thought were funny

Birthday Babe Dress Up Set

Your birthday is one day you can dress up completely obnoxious and not be judged for it. You know you are going to want to go out with your girlfriends – how is anyone supposed to know it is your birthday and not just another group of women hanging out? Spencers Birthday Babe Set includes a Sash, Glitter Tiara, and Shot Glass Necklace so everyone knows the night is all about the birthday girl. I mean really, what Birthday Babe doesn’t want to wear a crown!?

Her Own Wine Glass

Whether she is Thirty and Flirty, Sitxy and Sumblime, or even a Hot Flash Hottie, every birthday girl needs her very own wine glass. Spencers has both glass and plastic glasses that are pretty and girly

birthday wine glasses

Her Own Coffee Mug

If your Birthday Girl isn’t a drinker – or maybe you want something she can use at work – her own coffee mug is a great idea. Spencers has a bunch of really cute coffee mugs – from fun to risque.  And hey… we didn’t say she couldn’t still put wine in the coffee mug… just sayin.

Old Age Survival Kit

The Survival it for Getting Older – an inflatable walker, old age cane, senior moments mints, retirement countdown – and of course a hot flash kit make a great “survival kit” for getting older.  Throw in some Bengay and eyeglass cleaner for good measure.

A Teeshirt… To Remember It Just Isn’t That Bad

All gags aside, some women really do struggle with getting older, and though we poke fun and joke, it’s good to remember that age is something that happens to all of us, and is something that should be celebrated not avoided. (And this is coming from someone who used to hate birthdays) Spencers has great Tshirts that remind us that getting older can be fun and just not to take life too seriously.

If you are looking for a fun gag gift for a birthday girl in your life – be sure to check out the entire collection at Spencers Gifts. They have everything you need for the party – from gifts to games to party decorations – and from calm to crazy. They have even more that you can order from their online store to be shipped directly to you or the birthday girl herself.

Have you ever given or received a gag gift for your birthday?

15 thoughts on “Best Birthday Gifts for Women – Gag Gift Style”

  1. I love funny gifts like this. I will be needing that 40 mug this year and I’m sure there will be lots of age related gag gifts for me.

  2. I LOVE Spencer’s. It’s one of our favorite places to shop when we don’t have the kids with us. In fact, Del was looking for something they carry the other day. They are the perfect place to find gag gifts, but also some pretty awesome things that aren’t found as easily in other places too.

  3. Yep. Did Chad an “Over the Hill” party for his 40th. We had it complete with inflatable canes and toilet cushions.

  4. I so love that T-Shirt! I used to buy gifts all the time for friends at Spencer’s, but we don’t have one locally anymore.

  5. I love gag gifts. We gave my sister a great one, but I can’t mention it on here. LOL!!! Will tell ya in person on the cruise 😉
    My friend sent me all kinds of gag gifts when I turned 40. Fun!

  6. These gifts are the best. We actually just gifted that blow-up walker to my brother-in-law for his birthday.

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