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Best Diaper Backpack for Twins: Reviews and Buying Guide

best diaper backpack for twins

Twins: double the fun, double the stuff. Whether you are currently expecting or you already have your bundles of joy, you’ll need a bag that can carry everything you need for not just one baby, but your precious two.

A diaper backpack is a great choice over a traditional backpack so that you can keep your hands free but also have all the things you need readily available.  But before you pick out just any twin diaper bag, you might want to consider one specially made for moms to help keep you organized and even in some cases, keep milk, juice, and food cold.

We’ve searched for the best diaper backpack for twins that will be sure to make life a little easier for mom (and dad).  Everything on this list is relatively affordable. Regardless of price, each of these diaper backpacks can handle carrying everything you need for your twins baby and toddler years. (And let’s not forget, these bags are cute, too!)

But before we dive into the list, let’s take a look at what features a good diaper backpack should have and what exactly your diaper bag of choice should hold.



What to Look for in a Diaper Backpack

While it may be tempting to grab a regular backpack, diaper backpacks are made to make your life as a mom easier. But what should you look for when choosing the right one?

Here are some of the top things to consider while shopping for a diaper backpack:


Whether you need to store a couple (or more) bottles or you are looking to bring their food, it’s a good idea to look for backpacks that have some insulation in one or multiple pockets.  Many of the backpacks on this list have at least one compartment that provides insulation for multiple bottles or food, such as an insulated bottle pocket.


Look for a backpack made of a durable, but lightweight material.  The bags on this list have some level of water-resistance and in some cases are fully waterproof.  While this protects contents, it also prevents liquids from leaking out and also makes cleaning it easier, too.


You got a heavy load to carry and you need a large diaper bag that can hold up to all the stuff you intend to carry.  We made sure to include diaper bags that have a shoulder strap that can hold up to day trips, longer travel, and everyday wear.


You don’t have to spend a ton of money for a good diaper backpack and baby gear, however, resist the urge to buy something cheap. Consider the baby diaper bag as an investment.  A good bag won’t break the bank but spending those few extra bucks might mean a more durable and longer-lasting bag.

What Do Moms With Twins Need in Their Bag?

Before you grab doubles of everything, here are some tips on how to prepare your bag when you caring for two.

  • Diapers.  How many, you ask? 1 diaper for each child for each hour you are out.
  • Wipes
  • Bags to put the dirty diapers in.  Preferably biodegradable bags.
  • Changing pad. Most of the bags on this list include one!
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Bottles (if using).
  • Sippy cups and snacks for toddlers.
  • 2 blankets.  Not just for keeping warm. Can be used as a changing pad, burp cloth, etc.
  • Pacifier (if using.)
  • First aid kit.

Other items you may need to bring with you depending on your children include a nursing cover, breast pads, diaper rash cream, tissues, clippers, and toys.  And of course, don’t forget about your things, mom!

What about newborns? Check out this video to find out how this mom packs up their backpack for their newborn:

The 8 Best Diaper Backpacks for Twins

You need a backpack to keep your hands free and store double the stuff for your twins.  And we’ve got you covered. There’s a bag for every mom on this list, and even a couple dad won’t mind wearing. Keep reading to find out which diaper backpacks are the best!

1. Bliss Bag

A place for everything and everything in its place. You’ll always be able to find what you need quickly with the Bliss Bag.  In total, there are 20 pockets including 4 insulated pockets to keep food and drink cold.

On each side of the bag are two zipper pockets including a magnetic wipe pocket for quick and easy access to baby wipes.  In the front, you can store up to three bottles in the zipper insulated pocket as well as other food and drink in the many pockets.

The bag itself is made of waterproof nylon protecting all your valuables and keeping your little ones’ stuff dry.  This Bliss Bag also includes stroller straps and a changing mat.

On top of being able to hold everything, it is comfortable to wear and has padded adjustable straps.


  • Large size means you can carry a lot including clothes and multiple bottles.
  • Features 20 pockets in total including 4 insulated pockets.
  • Wipe pocket makes it easy to grab a baby wipe quickly.
  • Waterproof material prevents water from getting in but also prevents spills from leaking out.
  • Comes with stroller straps and a changing mat.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Stylish and gender-neutral design.


  • May need to really tighten the straps in order to carry a heavy load which can be somewhat uncomfortable.

2. Bag Nation

Bag Nation Extra Large Diaper Bag Backpack for Twins or 2...
  • Extra-Large Capacity: Designed with...
  • Ideal for Twins: Built with the capacity...
  • Suitable for Travelling: Lightweight yet...
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from...
  • Insulated Bottle Holders: Integrated...

Another diaper bag with pockets galore! It’s made of a strong and stylish twill polyester which makes it water-resistant and prevents fraying.  The Bag Nation diaper backpack has 14 pockets including an insulated pocket to hold a few bottles.

Included with this set are a changing mat and sundry bag. And wondering where the stroller straps are? With this bag, no need to keep track. They are already attached to the bag.

The thick padded curved straps fit well against your body and make this bag comfortable to carry regardless of how much you put in.  And trust us, you can pack this bag with a ton.


  • Water-resistant fabric is lightweight and very durable.
  • Features 14 pockets in total include a wipes pocket and an insulated pocket.
  • Stroller strap attached to the bag for convenience.
  • Comes in black or gray.
  • The insulated pocket holds multiple bottles.
  • Comes with a changing mat and sundry bag.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Won’t stand up when you place it down which means searching and digging isn’t quite as easy.

3. HapTim

Hap Tim Multi-function Large Baby Diaper Bag Backpack with...
  • STYLISH & HANDSFREE -- Fashional...
  • HIGH QUALITY & WATERPROOF -- Our diaper...
  • LARGE CAPACITY -- It's a big diaper bag...

This bag looks good and even dad won’t mind carrying the diaper bag around.  This super trendy diaper backpack has 17 pockets and 2 large separate compartments with plenty of space to store everything you need for the twins (and even for yourself too!)

Located on the back of the backpack is a theft-proof pocket so you can store your wallet and phone.  The back and straps are made of a comfortable, breathable padded mesh material.

The overall design is really stylish and the material is water repellant.  Some found it difficult to search through the two main compartments as they didn’t open up quite wide enough.  However, they were big enough to hold clothes and plenty of diapers.


  • Comes with changing mat and stroller straps.
  • 2 large compartments are great for carrying clothes and a lot of diapers!
  • Theft proof pocket for valuables.
  • Stylish look.
  • Straps are ergonomic and comfortable.
  • Works great for dads too!


  • The two main compartments are hard to open wide enough to dig around in to find something.

4. Wallaroo

Looking for something with a really affordable price tag? The Wallaroo diaper backpack has a low price and plenty of storage, including insulated pockets.

The large main pocket is insulated and wide making it easy to see all the contents. The two front pockets are insulated and work perfectly for storing food.  Bottles can be stored in the side pockets, but note that they are not fully enclosed and insulated.

This bag is made of polyester nylon which is easy to clean in case there are spills and comes in 4 color choices including purple, black, blue-grey, and teal.  Included with the bag are a changing mat and a wet bag.


  • Comes in 4 color choices.
  • Insulated pockets in the front are great for storing food.
  • The wide main pocket makes it easy to access and see contents.
  • Very affordable.
  • Comes with a changing mat and wet bag.


  • Won’t hold up as long as the other diaper bags on this list.

5.  DadGear

DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag - Camouflage
  • Quick access wipes window and refillable...
  • Diaper hammock keeps diapers at the top...
  • Two large pockets with numerous...
  • Two bottle pockets accessible from the...
  • Durable materials and classic styling...

Hey dads. We see you too.  We know you might be carrying the twins’ stuff sometimes, or even all the time.  And this bag will help you out and keep you looking good too.

This diaper bag does not look like a diaper bag at all, for all those dads worrying about carrying something that just might.  It has plenty of storage and comes with a changing pad.

No digging required either.  You can fully unzip this bag, so-called a “clamshell” design, for easy access to everything you need to carry for your two.

The Diaper Hammock located on the top of the bag allows you to grab a diaper or two on-the-go. There’s also a spot on the back that allows you to easily grab a wipe without opening the entire bag.


  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Perfect for dads who don’t want to carry something that looks like a diaper bag.
  • Includes a changing pad.
  • Clamshell design allows you to fully unzip the bag.
  • Easy access to diapers and wipes.


  • Expensive.
  • No insulated pockets.

6. HaloVa

HaloVa Diaper Bag, Baby Daddy Mommy Travel Backpack with Wet...
  • Backpack & Tote 2 in 1, 24L Large...
  • Has all the space & pockets you need for...
  • Waterproof & durable oxford fabric,...
  • Washable - Machine wash & Hand Wash.
  • 2 years of quality problems free...

Is it as functional as it is cute? You bet.  This water-resistant backpack can hold plenty, comes in a ton of colors, and even functions well as a handbag.

There is a bottle pocket on one side and a tissue dispenser pocket on the other side. There are 5 pockets in the main compartment and a front pocket that is insulated and can hold three bottles.

And choose from colors galore like dark blue, black, red, purple, grey, and even patterns like pink with white bears and ice cream cones.  There are a pattern and color to match every mom.


  • Affordable.
  • Stylish design with lots of color choices.
  • The insulated pocket holds three bottles.
  • Water-resistant fabric.
  • Spacious main compartment.
  • Anti-theft pocket for valuables.


  • Straps may wear prematurely.

7.  Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer Places & Spaces Bridgeport Diaper Bag Backpack,...
  • Exceptional organization with 11 pockets...
  • Spacious interior for ultimate storage...
  • Removable changing pad and wipes case...
  • Comfortable to carry with adjustable...

You already know that Eddie Bauer makes quality products, but did you know they’ve got a diaper bag for your active lifestyle? Well, they do and it’s perfect to carry the essentials for your twins.

This not-looking-like-a-diaper-bag backpack has 11 pockets and including 2 insulated pockets. The zipper front pocket is perfect for your phone, wallet, and keys. This bag also includes a wipes holder and a changing mat.

Above the shoulder straps are built-in stroller straps that attach easily to any stroller.  It comes in three classic colors: black, grey, and navy. The back is padded and the straps are adjustable and comfortable.


  • Built-in stroller straps.
  • 11 pockets including 2 insulated pockets.
  • Comes in 3 color choices.
  • Comfortable to carry.
  • Perfect for both moms and dads.


  • It May not be large enough to carry things for all-day excursions.

8. Leke Baby Convertible

Lekebaby Convertible Diaper Bag Backpack for Mom Can Be Used...
  • Convertible Diaper Bag:Unlike a...
  • Convenient & Comfortable: No more...
  • High Quality & Wipeable Material:Well...
  • Smart Organization: 2 independent...
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Lekebaby diaper...

Looking for the option to change between a backpack and a tote? Then definitely check out the Leke Baby Convertible diaper bag. This bag opens up wide for easy access to everything and includes built-in stroller straps and a thick tote handle for other ways to hang and carry this bag.

The side pockets are the perfect size for wipe cases and 2 insulated pockets hold any size bottle. The front pocket is waterproof and can hold any wet or dirty items.

The padded backpack straps can be easily removed and changed into a tote bag strap.  The bottom of the bag has feet to help it stand up on any surface so you can dig into the bag a little easier.


  • Option to wear a backpack or tote.
  • Opens wide to access contents.
  • Stylish design.
  • Built-in stroller straps.
  • Durable materials.


  • Could use a few more pockets in the main compartment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I clean my diaper bag?

A: Most diaper bags are “spot clean only” which means you’ll need just water and mild soap to wipe up any stains or spills.  Lined diaper bags made from a waterproof or water-resistant material make clean up very easy especially.

However, if your bag needs a little extra TLC, here are a few tips:

  • For spills and crumbs, use the upholstery attachment on a vacuum cleaner to get it up.
  • Does your bag smell a little…ahem… suspicious? Place a bag of baking soda in your bag for 24 hours to get rid of any undesirable smells.
  • Pretreat stains with a stain remover such a Shout or OxiClean. Afterward, hand wash or machine wash the bag. (Be sure to check the manufacturer’s label if you can though!)
  • Throw a stain remover pen in your bag for both your little one’s clothes as well as your diaper bag.

Q: Why can’t I just use a regular backpack?

A: In all honesty, you could. But diaper backpacks do come with a lot of convenient features to make moms’ and dads’ lives a little easier.  Like we mentioned before, insulated pockets are convenient for storing bottles and food. Some backpacks also come with strategically placed pockets to make it easier to access wipes and/or diapers.

The organization of a diaper backpack itself is set up so that moms and dads can get to what they need easily and quickly, which is especially something parents of twins will want to have.

Bottom Line

Choosing a diaper backpack over a traditional diaper bag is a great choice for parents of twins. Any of the choices on this list could be considered the best diaper backpack for twins. If you are looking to stay organized and purchase a diaper bag that will be with you through the baby and toddler years, then the Bliss Bag is a great choice.

For dads who are looking to carry everything and look good doing it, the DadGear diaper backpack can hold a ton and is durable enough to withstand all of your adventures with your twins.

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