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Best Electric Toothbrush for Kids: Reviews and Buying Guide

best electric toothbrush for kids

You love your electric toothbrush, and how it gets your teeth so squeaky clean. But you may be wondering— Can my child use an electric toothbrush too? Absolutely.

Electric toothbrushes can make brushing easier and help kids clean their teeth better. That said, some kids may not like the feeling of an electric toothbrush or even be a little frightened of it buzzing around in their mouth at first. Luckily, there are some great electric toothbrushes out there made specifically for kids to not only give them shiny, cavity-free teeth, but also are gentle on kids sensitive teeth and gums and can even make brushing teeth fun!

We’ve got a list of the best electric toothbrush for kids.  Like electric toothbrushes for adults, the initial investment for a rechargeable electric toothbrush might seem a bit much, but replacement heads are very affordable (and a better clean is priceless).  But don’t worry, we’ve included some more affordable, battery-operated electric toothbrushes as well if you aren’t ready to make the investment.

But before we get to the list, let’s take a look at a few things you should know about electric toothbrushes, including what you should be looking for.



Manual vs. Powered: Which one is better?

The American Dental Association (ADA) has found that both manual and electric toothbrushes are good at removing plaque and preventing tooth decay. However, kids can lack the dexterity to get to those hard to reach places as well as scrub well enough when using a manual toothbrush.  That’s where am electric toothbrush can help.

The downside to powered or electric toothbrushes is that they are more expensive. But when you compare the cost to a dentist bill, a good clean and cavity-free mouth can save you some big bucks at the dentist later on.

When searching for an electric toothbrush, or manual for that matter, look for the “Seal of Acceptance” by the ADA.  This means the toothbrush, manual or electric, has gone through rigorous testing and meets their requirements.

What to look for

When searching for an electric toothbrush for your child, there are a few things you might want to consider when choosing an electric toothbrush.

Seal of Acceptance by the ADA. As we mentioned before, the American Dental Association tests every toothbrush for durability and quality. The Seal means that that toothbrush meets their requirements.

A rechargeable electric toothbrush vs. battery powered.  Battery powered toothbrushes do not have the same power or cleaning abilities as rechargeable electric toothbrushes.  Battery powered will still give kids mouth a good clean and are a good intro into the world of electric toothbrushes, but a rechargeable one will be durable, long lasting and give mouths a superior cleaning.

The shape and size of the head of the toothbrush. Kids mouths are small, so the head of an electric toothbrush should be too. Electric toothbrushes made specifically for kids will feature a smaller head so it can get into their small nooks and crannies.

The handle.  The handle of an electric toothbrush shouldn’t be too thick or too long. You want it to be easy for kids to hold.  Opt for something lighter in weight and ergonomic to their little hands.

Tips to get kids to brush their teeth

So you got a great toothbrush and it’s even got their favorite character on it! But they still don’t want to brush their teeth.  We get it. Here are a few tips to help make brushing a little easier:

Sing a song.  Crank up the tunes, something that’s at least two minutes long, and let them wiggle and dance while they brush.

Let them choose.  When shopping for a toothbrush, give them the choice.  Let them pick out their favorite color or character.

Try a tooth brushing app.  There are plenty of apps available for your phone or tablet that will help get kids excited about brushing.  Some even have games where kids can earn points and rewards along the way.

Don’t let them skip.  Some days are long.  Or you’re on vacation.  It might be tempting to throw in the towel and avoid the fight by letting them skip. But don’t. It will only make it harder the next time you try to get them to brush.

Brush with them.  Kids lead by YOUR example.  So why not brush together?  Don’t forget to give them a big clean smile when its over!

Best Electric Toothbrushes for Kids

Now that you know what to look for it’s time to check out our list of the best electric toothbrushes. These toothbrushes are kid-friendly, durable and will help make brushing their teeth a little easier.

You’ll recognize many of the names on here, especially the ones that have a “big person” version. Another good thing to remember is that kids look to their parents to model healthy habits. Having matching electric toothbrushes might even inspire them to be just like you (while preventing cavities too!)

1. Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush for Kids

Philips Sonicare for Kids 3+ Bluetooth Connected...
  • 98% of parents say it’s easier to get...
  • 91% of dental professional parents...
  • Interactive free app educates and gets...
  • Better check-ups guaranteed! Patented...
  • The KidTimer gradually increase to two...

The Phillips Sonicare electric toothbrush is rechargeable and can brush up to 62,000 strokes a minute! It is also Bluetooth enabled and can connect to your phone or tablet to work with the free interactive app to help make brushing teeth fun.

The app has a built-in KidsTimer to help kids brush a full two minutes, but also notify them via the KidsPacer when they need to move to the next part of their mouth. Also in the app, kids get to choose a Sparkly, a fuzzy little character and earn rewards for keeping him clean by brushing their own teeth.

Have more than one kid? Each toothbrush can be set up to each individual child and you can track their progress on the parent’s dashboard.

Kids can also customize their toothbrush by choosing from the 8 handle stickers included with the toothbrush.  The head is removable and additional heads are sold separately.


  • Coaching app is fun and helps them brush effectively.
  • Brushes up to 500 strokes a second!
  • Can use the app with multiple kids.
  • Comes with 8 different handle stickers for kids to choose from.
  • Works well getting into hard to reach spaces.


  • May feel a little too rough and kids should use a gentle hand when holding it. You will probably want to help or supervise for the first few brushings.

2. Oral B Kids Electric Toothbrush

This is another rechargeable toothbrush with a companion app. The Disney Timer app makes brushing fun and helps direct them to brush long enough in each quadrant of their mouth.  The toothbrush though does not have Bluetooth like the Philips Sonicare.

Kids can choose from two designs: the Incredibles or Frozen. The extra soft brush head worked great at removing plaque without hurting kids’ teeth or gums. If they decide to not use the app, the toothbrush will still help kids time their brushing by pausing for a moment every 30 seconds to signal kids to move to the next quadrant of their mouth.


  • Removes plaque well with the extra soft brush head.
  • Can use the app to make brushing fun.
  • Toothbrush pauses so kids can move to the next part of their mouth.
  • Kids like the Incredibles and Frozen designs.


  • Expensive.

3. Brusheez Electric Toothbrush

Brusheez® Kids’ Electric Toothbrush Set - Safe &...
  • CERTIFIED KIDS SAFE: Our Brusheez kids...
  • WHAT YOU GET: Battery-powered...

If you are looking for something a little more budget-friendly or aren’t sure if your child will take to an electric toothbrush, the Brusheez electric toothbrush is very affordable and cute too.

The set includes the toothbrush, a rinse cup, a sand timer, and a toothbrush cover.  Since it is battery operated, it won’t last as long as the rechargeable toothbrushes on this list, but the affordable price makes it a great introduction.

It is available in 4 adorable animal designs including a bear, crocodile, giraffe and a pony.  While it does not have an app, it comes with a set of weekly brushing charts to help keep kids motivated to brush twice a day.


  • 5 fun animal themes.
  • Affordable price for parents on a budget or who don’t want to commit to something more expensive yet.
  • Replaceable brush head.
  • Includes rinse cup, toothbrush cover, and a sand timer.


  • Won’t last as long as a rechargeable electric toothbrush.

4. Aiyabrush Electric Toothbrush for Kids

Aiyabrush Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads, 2...
  • aiyabrush replacement heads 2 pieces in...
  • 2 Pieces of Comfortable aiyabrush...
  • Compatible modes of aiyabrush electric...
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All it takes is 6 hours of charging for this electric toothbrush to last 100 days. It’s also fully waterproof and is good for kids with sensitive teeth.

The toothbrush itself, as well as the replacement heads, are very affordable.  It comes in 3 colors, blue, pink and white, and has a built-in 2-minute timer.

It says its meant for kids 3-12, but the brush head is slightly bigger than the others on this list and might be more suitable for kids in the older range.


  • Simple, fully waterproof design.
  • Affordable toothbrush and replacement heads.
  • Built-in timer.
  • Gentle on sensitive teeth.
  • Lasts 100 days on one charge.


  • Not great for really young kids. The brush head is too big.

5. Colgate Kids Powered Toothbrush

Colgate Battery Powered Kids Toothbrush, Monster High
  • Making Brushing Teeth Fun with the Girls...
  • Kids Battery Powered Toothbrush Helps...
  • Slim, Easy to Hold Handle for Kids
  • Easy On/Off Buttons
  • Small Spinning Head Gently Cleans Little...

Yes, this is a battery powered, but Colgate knows how to make a toothbrush well (and price it very reasonably!)

While it doesn’t have a replaceable brush head, the toothbrush is inexpensive for being an electric toothbrush and even comes available in packs of 3.  It lays flat like a manual toothbrush which means no rolling off the counter and comes in fun designs like Monster High, Cars and Trolls.

The on/off button was easy for little fingers to push and while not as powerful as other electric toothbrushes, it did a good job of cleaning kids teeth.


  • Very affordable.
  • Spinning head cleans teeth well.
  • Comes in fun character choices.
  • Lays flat.


  • Cannot replace the brush head.
  • Not as powerful as others on this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What age can my child get an electric toothbrush?

A: Children can start using an electric toothbrush as early as 2 years old.  You do not need to add toothpaste though until they are 5 years old.

Q: How often do I need to replace an electric toothbrush or the head of an electric toothbrush?

A: Electric toothbrushes (or the removable head) should be changed as often as you would change a manual toothbrush which is about every 1 to 3 months.

Q: My child has braces. Can he/she use an electric toothbrush?

A: Yes! Electric toothbrushes are safe to use on kids with braces. However, kids may need to alternate their technique a little. Check out this video that shows how to brush teeth with braces:

Bottom Line

If you want your kids to have a great clean and have fun doing it, both the Phillips Sonicare electric toothbrush and the Oral B Kids electric toothbrush are great choices. The price might shock some parents, and if you aren’t ready to make the investment or aren’t sure whether your child will like electric toothbrushes, check out the Brusheez electric toothbrush. This adorable battery operated electric toothbrush is very affordable and a good intro for kids who are interested in using an electric toothbrush. If those aren’t exactly what you’re looking for you’re sure to find another great fit in this list of the best electric toothbrush for kids.