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Best Metal Detector For Kids: 5 of the Best Options (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Curiosity and a love of adventure are what it means to be a kid. And what better way to pique the interest of exploration in children than with their very own metal detector? Metal detectors are great for vacations, uneventful summers, or simply as a weekend to-do.

Metal detectors for adults work wonders, but they’re often far too heavy, bulky, and long for kids to be able to handle properly. But, when it comes down to metal detectors for kids, you might worry about the quality not being so great – or that the price is out of your range for a metal detector your kids may or may not use more than twice.

No worries, though, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ve chosen 5 of the best metal detectors for kids that work exceptionally well and won’t break the bank.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks…

1. Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Metal Detector

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The Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector would be a wonderful choice for children between the ages of 6 and 10. The easy-to-read face is decorated with three smiley character indicators that let your child know the value of the metals in their hidden treasures. It’s also equipped with indicators showing the depths of each item and the amount of battery life that the detector has left.

This children’s metal detector has several tones for various metals, as well, and the sound can be heard with or without headphones. Headphones are, unfortunately, not included in the purchase but virtually any pair can be used along with the metal detector. The tones can also be adjusted to ignore metals that are not of a higher value simply by pressing the discrimination button located on the lower right of the metal detector face.

The search coil of the metal detector is waterproof, allowing kids to search even around standing water (but watch out for pesky bugs!). Of course, it’s worth mentioning that the metal detector should never be submerged.

Overall, this is an incredibly efficient metal detector for young children with its easily comprehensive indicators, light weight, and adjustable length.

What We Like Best:

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Great starter metal detector
  • Adjustable length for children of varying heights
  • Easy-to-read indicators
  • Discriminates against undesirable metals
  • Waterproof search coil

2. Viewee Metal Detector for Kids

The Viewee Metal Detector for Kids is an affordable, simple metal detector that is great for young kids who don’t care much for complexities. This metal detector is made with a simple ON and OFF switch, a face that shows two indicators; one that shows the battery life, and one that shows how close the buried object is.

There are no other buttons on the metal detector that may potentially confuse kids, which is sure to make them more confident when using their new treasure hunter. While simplicity is wonderful when it comes to metal detectors for children, simplicity does mean that this metal detector cannot distinguish between expensive and less desirable metals. Although, this doesn’t have to be a deal breaker – kids are usually just happy to discover anything they can!

This metal detector can weed out various items made of gold, bronze, aluminum, silver, nickel, brass, copper, lead, iron and tin. (Which means you can send your kids out searching in the garden for that lost earring of yours with confidence).

Similar to the Bounty Hunter Junior, the search coil of the Viewee Metal Detector is waterproof and can be used in wet weather conditions or near settled water like shallow ponds, streams, or puddles.

What We Like Best:

  • Affordable price (so you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket!)
  • Uncomplicated mechanisms for more fun and less fiddling around
  • Adjustable neck so the metal detector can grow with your child
  • Can detect multiple high-priced (and not so high-priced) metals
  • Can be used in wet weather conditions or over water, thanks to the waterproof search coil

3. INTEY Metal Detector for Kids and Adults

As you can tell by the name, this metal detector can be used by both kids and adults. The INTEY Metal Detector would be perfect for older kids to learn the intricacies of more advanced metal detecting. It’s quite a complex machine with more buttons and knobs than your average metal detector for kids – and its indicator is a tad harder to decipher, as well.

One of the many knobs that we mentioned above is for metal discrimination. Different positions on the dial represent various metals that can be honed in on such as Zinc, Iron, and Copper metals. However, even with the discrimination dial activated to hone in on one specific metal, the metal detector will still pick up on higher-value metals like Gold and Silver (but who’s complaining?).

The stem of the metal detector is adjustable to the height of children, as well as adults, which makes this metal detector great for a day out with mom or dad hunting for buried goods. The search coil is completely waterproof and can be used on the beach or around other bodies of water. Additionally, there is a light indicator that shows battery life along with a backup battery included with your purchase.

The INTEY Metal Detector also comes with a folding shovel and useful carrying bag to store the metal detector and digging tools in.

What We Like Best:

  • Functional for both kids and adults
  • Affordable price for such great quality
  • Awesome learning tool for older kids
  • Discrimination dial so your child can look for the good stuff
  • Waterproof search coil that can be used around bodies of water or in wet weather conditions
  • Can be used with headphones
  • Sound is adjustable

4. RM RICOMAX Metal Detector for Kids

The RM RICOMAX Metal Detector for Kids is a lightweight, affordable metal detector perfect for children as young as 4. The stem is adjustable to the point of being long enough for an adult to use, which means this metal detector will grow as your child does!

There are no complexities on this metal detector which makes it suitable for very young kids primarily between the ages of 4 and 10. This metal detector is very similar to the Viewee Metal Detector that we covered earlier, in that it has a one-press start button and an extremely simple indicator face.

This metal detector also comes with a hand rake and trowel for easy digging whenever metal is detected.

What We Like Best:

  • Comes with a hand rake and trowel for effortless item retrieving
  • Affordable for those who aren’t looking to spend hundreds of dollars
  • Can be adjusted to heights suitable for kids and adults – this metal detector grows as your child grows!
  • Simple indicators and power switch for instant searching
  • Light enough to be carried by children ages 6 and under

5. KingDetector MD-1011 Advanced Kid’s Metal Detector

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If you’re on a budget or just aren’t looking to spend a fortune on a metal detector, you’re in luck, because the KingDetector Advanced Kid’s Metal Detector is the most affordable option on our list. The stem extends long enough to be used by teenagers (up to 15) and can retract down to a size suitable for a 6-year-old.

Like the other metal detectors for kids on our list, the KingDetector has a waterproof search coil so that your child can search near water without worry. The indicators on the face of the metal detector are simple to understand and display the battery life, target of a buried item and the direction in which the item is located.

Though it can be used by children older than 6, this metal detector would make a great starting toy detector for very young children, considering how lightweight, simplistic, and dainty it is.

What We Like Best:

  • Very lightweight to be carried by children as young as 6 (maybe even younger)
  • Simply made with an easy-to-read indicator face
  • Easy setup and effortless ON and OFF switch
  • Can be used by children between the ages of 6 and 15
  • Most affordable option on our list
  • Waterproof search coil for detecting near bodies of water

Consider This Before You Buy

Now that we’ve covered our favorite metal detectors for kids, let’s take a look at some considerations before you make your purchase!

Affordability and Interest

It’s no secret that price is a huge factor to consider when making any purchase. The price of junior metal detectors can range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars – and if you’re like most parents, we doubt you’re leaping for joy at the thought of spending an arm and a leg on a metal detector your kids may get bored with after a few days. (That’s why we made it our mission to bring you the most reliable choices for prices that won’t break the bank).

It’s a good idea to determine your budget before you begin searching and deciding on a metal detector for your child. Ask yourself if you think your kid(s) will enjoy a metal detector for a while, or if it’s simply a fleeting interest. Determining how serious your child is about their new hobby may save you money in the long run.


We just covered the importance of determining your budget for a metal detector for your child. Now we’ll be discussing the importance of a durable metal detector and what to look for so that your hard-earned money isn’t spent for naught.

When it comes to metal detectors for kids, it’s a given that they should be able to take somewhat of a beating. The good news is, metal detectors for kids are made with kids in mind. Which means they’re made of harder plastic materials (and simpler mechanisms) to meet the needs of children.

Customer reviews are a telltale sign of good quality and product durability. So as you peruse metal detectors for your child, we suggest that you look over customer reviews to get an idea of how well the product has worked for others.

It’s best to look for a metal detector that is made with some type of metal. While hard plastics can be sturdy, metals are often far more durable and reliable.

Your Child’s Age and Abilities

Most of the metal detectors we reviewed above are suitable for children ages 5 to 10 years old. A child older than 10 years of age may prefer a more advanced or complicated metal detector (like the Intey).

Though metal detectors for kids are made to be incredibly lightweight, for children who are too young they may become heavy or difficult to handle. It’s important to determine what your child’s abilities are before purchasing a metal detector that is possibly too heavy or too long for them to use efficiently.

The Indicators

Determining if your child should have more complicated or simple indicators is also a worthwhile effort. Most of the metal detectors we reviewed above have extremely easy-to-read faces and indicators for children between the ages of 5 and 10 to use. These simple metal detectors are ideal for children, as it causes less confusion and can get them searching immediately.

We recommend an uncomplicated metal detector with a straight-forward target indicator on the face, a single tone for when metals are found, and a battery life indicator. Your child will still get the same (and maybe even more) enjoyment out of a simple metal detector as they would with a metal detector with all the bells and whistles.

The less complicated, the better!

Discrimination Dials

Considering a metal detector with a discrimination dial really comes down to preference. Discrimination dials make it easier to weed out the valuable metals you want while ignoring the metals you don’t. If your child is really determined to find golds, silvers, and coins rather than cheap scrap metal, then a discrimination dial may be worth it.

However, they’re not a necessary accessory and you may find that your child gets more of a thrill out of not knowing what kind of metal object they’re finding (rather than knowing the metal type before they even dig the object up).

Kid’s Metal Detector Brands

In this section, we’re going to take a moment to look at the brands behind our favorite metal detectors for kids.

  1. Intey: Intey is a global wholesale and manufacturer that specializes in products ranging from power adapters to metal detectors. Their goal is to produce items of the best quality for an affordable price.
  2. KingDetector: KingDetector is a company dedicated to bringing consumers high-quality metal detectors that meet their individual wants. They specifically tailor their products to meet various treasure hunting needs, making them hassle-free to use and giving you the best bang for your buck.


Q: Can the metal detectors be used around water or in wet weather?

A: Yes, all of the metal detectors for kids that we’ve reviewed are manufactured with waterproof search coils. This means that they can be used at the beach, around other bodies of water, or in slightly wet weather conditions. However, we do not recommend that the metal detectors be submerged.

We advise that you take special care to not get the indicators, the face of the metal detector, or battery compartment wet – these parts are usually not waterproof.

Q: Is metal discrimination important on a kid’s metal detector?

A: Buying a metal detector for kids with a discrimination dial is really up to you and depends on preference. Like we covered earlier, discrimination dials ignore unwanted or less valuable metals and will only sound off if a more valuable metal is detected. In our experience, we’ve found that discrimination dials aren’t exactly necessary for children. The thrill of the hunt and discovering anything at all is usually enough to excite young treasure hunters.

Q: What ages are these metal detectors best suited for?

A: Most of the metal detectors we’ve covered would be best for children between the ages of 5 and 10. The metal detectors we reviewed all have adjustable necks that can extend as your child grows.

We also reviewed a couple that can be used by both children and adults. The INTEY Metal Detector for Kids and Adults would be perfect if you’re looking for a lasting metal detector that your child can use well into maturity.

Final Thoughts

It’s only natural that kids get a kick out of searching for and digging up hidden treasures. Purchasing a metal detector for kids is a surefire way to get your children outside and engaging in a rewarding and fun hobby. Thanks for reading our article! We hope we helped you to find an affordable, durable, and reliable metal detector toy for your kids to enjoy!