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Best Mini Waffle Maker: Complete Review

Whether smothered in syrup, piled high with ice cream, or served with fried chicken, everyone loves a good waffle! That’s why many are in search of the best mini waffle maker to add to their kitchen.

Waffle irons have been a part of the everyday household for 150 years. Ever since then, they have been fueling people’s passion and love for a crispy and fluffy breakfast staple. Can you really blame them?

Buying the best mini waffle maker can be the difference between a delightful waffle experience and shear frustration. So, what makes a mini waffle maker the best?

Consider these things when buying a mini waffle maker:

  • Ease of cleaning
  • The number of waffles made at once
  • The warm-up and cooking speed
  • Type of waffles you like: shape, fluffy or crispy
  • Storage Space
  • Price

Read below to see our list of some of the very best mini waffle makers. We have rounded up the best overall mini waffle makers, best mini waffle maker for kids, best mini waffle makers for a crowd, best mini waffle stick and lolly makers, best mini waffle makers for easy cleanup, and the best mini waffle maker with temperature control.

Best Mini Waffle Makers

1. The Dash Mini Maker

DASH Mini Waffle Maker - 4” Waffle Mold, Nonstick Waffle...
  • MINI WAFFLE MAKER: This DASH Mini Waffle...
  • EFFICIENT & USER-FRIENDLY: Simply plug...
  • VERSATILE USE: With our mini waffle...
  • INCLUDES: DASH Mini Waffle Maker,1-Year...

This little mini maker is a budget-friendly option that packs a lot in a little package. Not only does this make a mini waffle, it makes paninis, hash browns, and biscuit pizzas. It is an adorable and compact option for those who want mini waffles.

It weighs a little over a pound, making it a great portable option for small spaces and camping. Need inspiration on what to make? The Dash comes with a recipe book and access to a recipe database.

Looking for a fun and festive option? Try the Dash’s fun shapes including heart, pumpkin, and snowflake. Don’t worry about your waffle sticking and getting ruined. This is a double-sided non-stick surface. The waffle maker makes one mini waffle at a time about the size of an Eggo. Since it only makes one mini waffle at a time, you will probably not want to use it to feed a large crowd.

What We Like:

  • Budget friendly
  • Non-stick
  • Comes in different shapes
  • Light and portable

What We Don’t Like:

  • No very large, only makes one small waffle at a time
  • Some have reported it stops working after a few months.

2. Nostalgia MyMini

Nostalgia MyMini Personal Electric Waffle Maker, 5-Inch...
  • On the go meals: Quick and healthier way...
  • Easy to use: Simply plug it in, wait 1-3...
  • Compact & lightweight: Its small size...
  • Dual-sided cooking surface: Each cooking...
  • Cool-touch handles: Cool-touch handle...

The Nostalgia My Mini waffle maker is cute, compact, and budget-friendly. The waffle maker is 6.5 inches long by 3.5 inches high, making it the perfect accessory to any small space.  The mini maker only takes 1-3 minutes to heat up after being plugged in. The dual cooking surfaces are 5 inches wide. For easy cleanup, it is nonstick and can be wiped clean.

Don’t burn your fingers with the cool touch handles. They make it easier to open and close the lid while cooking. The Nostalgia waffle maker can be used to cook waffles, hashbrowns, grilled cheese, Chaffles, brownies, and French toast! The possibilities are endless. However, it does not state that it comes with a recipe book, so the experimenting is up to you! Complaints are that it doesn’t get hot enough for a good crispy waffle.

What We Like:

  • Compact design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Cool-touch handles
  • Nonstick surface

What We Don’t Like:

  • No recipe book
  • May not give crispy waffles

3. Dash Mini 3 Pack

DASH Mini Waffle Maker + Grill + Griddle, 3 in 1 Pack -...
  • INCLUDES: DASH Mini Griddle, DASH Mini...
  • COMPACT plus LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing 1lb...
  • QUICK plus EASY: Simply plug it in and...
  • PERFECT GIFT: The perfect wedding or new...
  • U.S. BASED SUPPORT: Designed in NYC,...

Do you love the idea of a mini waffle maker and want to expand to other foods? If so, you should check out this Dash mini 3 pack. It comes with a grill, griddle, and waffle iron and cost less than if you bought them separately! This would be great for apartments, dorms,  or RVs!

Like all Dash makers, it comes with a recipe guide to get you started. Just plug in the makers and the dual non-stick surface will heat up to provide an even cook. Make blueberry waffles, potato pancakes, egg muffins, or a juicy burger.  You can even use all three at once for the perfect meal. For example, fry an egg and bacon the same time you are cooking a waffle! Due to their small size, you will be able to fit all three on the counter.

The heat plates are not removable; however, clean up by handwashing is easy. The waffles are about 4 inches in diameter. These are perfect for those on any special diet including a keto diet. Again, if you are cooking for a bigger crowd, you probably want to lean towards something bigger. Cooking for 1-2 people these little machines are great!

What We Like:

  • Three mini makers cheaper than bought separately
  • Non-stick surface
  • Easy cleanup
  • Recipe guide to get you started

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not great for crowds
  • Three machines take up more space

Best Mini Waffle Makers for Kids

4. Waffle Wow! Car Mini Waffle Maker By Cucina Pro

Car Mini Waffle Maker- Make 7 Fun Different Race Cars,...
  • Car & Trucks Waffle Maker Iron- Makes 7...
  • Non-stick Electric Pancake Maker Pan-...
  • Portable Pan Cake Waffler Griddle will...
  • Electric Pancake and Flapjack Cooker-...
  • Realistic and fun car shapes! Features a...

Are you looking to have fun with your mini waffles? Try a mini waffle maker that makes mini shapes the whole family you will love. This car mini waffle maker with make breakfast time a meal that the family will look forward to. So whether it is a birthday or just a regular day you want to start off great, make mini car waffles with this waffle maker!

The shapes that the waffle maker makes are a police car, monster truck, ambulance, pickup truck, school bus, race car, and a garbage truck. These are sure to thrill even the pickiest eaters!

All of the Waffle Wow! makers have a non-stick coating on the heat plates which makes clean-up easier. Don’t worry about damaging a dangling cord while storing; this maker comes with a cord wrap for easy storage. It can also stand upright, saving you storage space.

The WaffleWow! also comes with a recipe book to get you started right out of the package. Keep in mind that each serving size will be at least a few cars. If you are cooking for a crowd, you may what to choose something else or buy multiple so you are not slaving away all morning! Customers have also noted that the cars can be difficult to get out. Make sure to use non-stick spray and something to get the cars out.

The machine can get hot and stays hot for a while after cooking, so make sure to keep out of the reach of children! Parents do love that it makes several waffles at once, prevents fights about who gets the first one!

What We Like:

  • Fun car shapes
  • Makes 7 mini waffles at once
  • Cord wrap
  • Stands upright for storage
  • Non-stick surface for easy cleanup

What We Don’t Like:

  • Can be difficult to remove shapes
  • The top can remain hot for a while
  • Heat plates are not removable

Best Mini Waffle Makers for a Crowd

5. Burgess Churwaffle

  • ✅ EASY TO USE - No Messy Sprays, No...
  • WHAT'S A CHURWAFFLE: Invented by the...
  • EASY USE AND CLEANUP: No messy sprays,...
  • RECIPE IDEA: Top your churwaffles with...

The Burgress Brothers ChurWaffle Maker makes 4 mini waffles at one time. If you are cooking for a crowd, it is definitely great to crank out more than one mini waffle at a time. The mini waffles are three inches in diameter.

While you can use any waffle or pancake batter, this device was made for churwaffles. A churwaffle is a cornbread waffle and churro combined! That makes my mouth water just thinking about it. This churwaffle maker is not just for breakfast, but for dinner and dessert too! Try regular waffle batter for breakfast, have chicken and churwaffles for dinner, then top leftover churwaffles with cinnamon, sugar, whip cream, and berries for a delectable dessert!

The Burgess Churwaffle maker has a non-stick surface for easier cleanup. The heat plates are not removable. However, no need to worry! Customers were able to cook waffles without any nonstick spray and the waffles came cleanly out. So, you may not have much clean up to worry about! Customers rave about the many keto-friendly and other recipe ideas that are available on Facebook and Instagram.

What We Like:

  • Makes 4 three-inch waffles at one time
  • Great for a crowd
  • Made for the perfect Churwaffle
  • Non-stick coating for easy clean up

What We Don’t Like:

  • Heat plates are not removeable
  • Mini waffles are smaller than the Dash sized waffles

Best Waffle Stick and Lolly Makers

6. Babycakes

Babycakes Mini Waffle Stick Maker by Select Brands - Mini...
  • Mini Waffle Stick Maker: Make every...
  • Versatile Mini Waffle Stick Iron: When...
  • Waffle Stick Maker Features: This waffle...
  • About Babycakes: From cake pop sticks to...
  • 120V, 500 watts, 2 blade polarized plug,...

Babycakes makes this mini waffle stick maker. Waffle sticks are great for dunking right in the syrup! But, why stop with syrup? Try waffle sticks dipped in chocolate and sprinkles, or yogurt!

The maker is about 9 inches by 6 inches and comes with a cord wrap. Each waffle stick is about 1 by 4 inches. The power indicator light will also notify you when it is plugged in and on. It is also a budget-friendly option that won’t break the bank.

The nonstick coating will help to make cleanup easier. However, some still find it hard to clean. A latching handle will help keep it shut while in storage.

What We Like:

  • Makes 4 waffle sticks
  • Power light
  • Cord wrap
  • Budget-friendly
  • Handle Latch

What We Don’t Like:

  • Only makes 4 sticks
  • Can be difficult to clean
  • Hard to get a crispy waffle

7. ALD Kitchen Lolly Stick Waffle Maker

Is it dessert or is it breakfast? It’s both! The ALD kitchen Lolly Stick Waffle Maker makes waffles on a stick! These are perfect for dipping in a topping of your choice!

While this professional machine may not be found in the typical kitchen, if you want a great waffle lolly then this is the machine! It will take up more space at 12 inches x 15.5 inches x 9.9 inches. The non-stick surface is made of high-grade aluminum and coated with Teflon.

It is built to create even baking with a double-sided constant temperature heating. You don’t have to be a pro chef to operate this powerful machine. There are an adjustable thermostat and a power on/off button. Depending on the size you choose you can make up to 6 tree-shaped waffles at once. This machine uses 1500W of power, more than any of the other waffle makers here.

This is the perfect machine to help you take your waffle making to the next level. Perhaps, you will even open your own waffle stand!

What We Like:

  • Lots of power at 1500W
  • High-grade aluminum plates
  • Constant temperature heating
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Makes 6 Waffle Lollies at once
  • Creates a professional waffle

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not budget-friendly
  • Large size
  • Heat plates are not removable

Best Mini Waffle Makers for Easy Cleanup

8. Dash No Mess

Dash No-Drip Waffle Iron, Red
  • MORE THAN WAFFLES: Make paninis, hash...

Dash is one of the leading brands for mini waffle makers. This waffle maker makes 4 small waffles at one time, making it great for a crowd. Are you tired of spilled waffle mix all over your counter? This waffle maker has a built-in pocket sides that catch any excess batter. The batter that falls into the pocket is cooked into sticks so there is no mess to clean up!

Just like other Dash models this waffle maker comes with a recipe booklet. Make paninis, hash browns, or biscuit pizzas among many other things.

Since this maker does not have a done indicator light, you will need to time the cooking of your waffles on your own. The griddle is 8×8 inches.

What We Like:

  • Makes 4 waffles at a time
  • Nonstick
  • Overflow pocket that cooks the batter
  • Recipe booklet included
  • Nonskid feet

What We Don’t Like:

  • Many customers state that it was cracked easily
  • Overflow area may make it harder to pour the right shaped amount
  • Not deep Belgian maker

9. Chefman

Chefman Waffle Maker w/No Overflow Design, Round Iron for...
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Unique award winning,...
  • 1-2-3 OPERATION: Simply twist pour-spout...
  • ENDLESS RECIPE OPTIONS: With the Chefman...
  • EASY CLEANING & STORAGE: Designed with a...
  • RESOURCES: UL approved with advanced...

The Chefman waffle maker has a unique design. Instead of lifting the unit and pouring in the batter, you can pour through the top of the machine! It has an anti-leaking system that seals in the batter while it is cooking. Finally, you know how much batter to pour in! A twist spout at the top of the cooker is what you untwist to pour the batter in. It comes with a measuring cup so you get the right amount of batter each time. The volcanic shaped nonstick plates allow the batter to pour down the sides and get an even distribution.

Clean-up is made easier with the Chefman. They state that you will not even need cooking spray on their nonstick surfaces. After cooking using the provided cleaning tool to scrape the excess batter out of the pour spout.

The storage space needed is a minimum with the Chefman. The pouring spout fits into the base of the unit. The waffle maker can also be stored upright.

Expect to pay a little more for this innovative design. However, if you are tired of batter spilling out the sides of your waffle maker, then this is just the one for you!

If you like adding things such as blueberries or chocolate chips to your waffle batter, then this is not the maker for you! Those items either get stuck in the pour spout or stay in the middle of the waffle. Also, for this design to work, you need to use a very thin and pourable batter. It will not work with thicker batters.

What We Like:

  • The design concept is unique
  • Comes with a measuring cup and pouring spout
  • Anti-leaking system
  • Cleaning tool provided
  • Nonstick surface

What We Don’t Like:

  • The batter has to be thin
  • Cannot add fruit or other items to the batter
  • More pricey

Best Mini Waffle Maker with Temperature Control

10. Chefs Choice Heart WafflePro

Chef’sChoice 840 WafflePro Taste / Texture Select Waffle...
  • WAFFLEPRO - Nonstick waffle maker bakes...
  • TASTE/TEXTURE – Unique quad baking...
  • FAST – Instant temperature recovery...
  • OPTIONS - Choose deep-bake mode or crisp...
  • ADVANCED - Floating top baking plate...

Tired of not having more control over the doneness of your waffle? With the WafflePro you get a unique quad baking system to select the ideal flavor, texture, and color of your waffles. This maker makes 5 adorable heart-shaped waffles. You can eat the whole thing or divide them up for everyone at the table. With the ability to make 5 waffles at once, you will find this a great way to feed the bigger crowds at once.

While this maker comes at a higher price, you are going to get some functions you may not with other brands. The WafflePro has an instant temperature recovery with a waffle ready beeper and light. The floating top baking plate ensures a uniform waffle thickness, evenly distributing the batter. You also find more options available such as the ability to choose a deep-bake mode or crisp exterior and moist interior settings.

They have thought of everything you need from an overflow channel to a built-in cord storage compartment. Save space by storing this waffle maker upright. This maker is a little bit bigger at about 9 inches by 9 inches. While the nonstick coating and overflow area help with the cleanup, the plates are not removable.

What We Like:

  • Nonstick coating
  • Overflow channel
  • Makes 5 mini waffles at once
  • Built-in cord storage
  • Instant temperature recovery
  • Ready beeper and light
  • Floating top baking plate
  • Variable settings for doneness
  • Great for large crowds

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not as budget-friendly
  • Larger size
  • Heat plates are not removable

Other Honorable Mentions

Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker with Non-Stick...
  • Flipping Action Makes Thick, Fluffy...
  • Nonstick Removable Plates Remove Your...
  • Adjustable Browning Control Cook Your...
  • Stainless Steel Design Waffle IRON Wipes...
  • Easy-Clean Grids and Drip Tray the Grids...

Nordic Ware

Nordic Ware 01705 Sweetheart Waffler, Cast-Aluminium Pan,...
  • Makes five heart-shaped stovetop...
  • Made with cast aluminum, allowing for...
  • The waffler comes with two sides that...
  • Makes a great gift for Valentine's Day,...
  • Made in the USA


Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker,Black
  • Included Components: Drains And Serves.
  • Fabric Type: Plastic, Stainless Steel
  • Bakes extra-thick Belgian waffles in...

Animal Mini Maker

Animal Mini Waffle Maker - Make 7 Different Shaped Pancakes...
  • Animal Pancake Pan- 7 unique and fun...
  • Non-stick Pancake Maker- perfectly...
  • Pan Cake Griddle will lighten up your...
  • Pancake and Flapjack Cooker- Delicious...
  • Delicious Waffle Maker Iron- The most...

Wrap Up

Never have a boring breakfast again! With one of the best mini waffle makers, you are sure to have breakfast, dessert, or dinner that everyone will enjoy!

For the best overall mini waffle maker, we recommend the Dash mini waffle maker. If you are baking for kids, make it fun with unique waffle shapes such as the WaffleWow! mini car waffle maker.

Making for more than 1-2 people? You definitely want a waffle maker that makes more than one at a time such as the Burgess Churwaffle maker. Go for the dunk with a lolly or waffle stick maker such as Babycakes.

Does cleanup worry you? Get a mini waffle maker that makes cleanup a breeze such as the Dash No Mess. If you like full control of the crispiness of the fluffiness of your waffle, then get one with temperature control like Chefs Choice. Then pour on the syrup!

Need a break from waffles? Check out these best cereals and best yogurt for kids. A good carbon steel pan is another game changer and must-have for every kitchen. Check out our favorite carbon steel pans here.