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Best Sleds for Kids: Top Options for Wintery Whoopees!

Winter’s here and we all know what that means: the kids will want to be outside playing in the snow constantly. And that’s exactly why we’ve put together a list of the best sleds for kids to keep them occupied when the weather is icy.

When it comes to sleds, you’ll want something that can take a beating and, preferably, last more than one season. From sleds for babies and toddlers to sleds that fit preteens and young adults just right, we cover it all!

Let’s get right into it!


Best Sleds for Kids

1. A-DUDU Snow Tube

A #1 Best Seller, the A-DUDU Snow Tube is a 47-inch inflatable snow tube perfect for soaring down icy hills. It’s large enough for both kids and adults to use, and is durable enough to withstand 500 pounds of pressure, thanks to its ultra-thick PVC, tear-resistant materials.

And not only is the material resistant to tears, able to hold up to 500 pounds, and survive the bumps and scrapes of various landscapes, but it can also withstand temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees – now that’s a sturdy sled.

Unlike your traditional sled, this sled is inflatable, which means it can be easily deflated and stored practically anywhere! Which, is great news if you already have a cluttered garage. And, aside from the wide openings to inflate the tube, this modern snow sled also has wide handles so that your child can keep a sturdy grip as they fly across the yard.

This sled is available in two color choices: blue or black and both styles are littered with an awesome print.


  • An affordable option. Great for those who are looking for a lasting, but not outrageously pricey sled.
  • Can withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees (though we’re not too sure you’d even be out in that kind of weather!).
  • Made with durable materials that can hold up to changing landscapes, bumps, and natural elements.
  • Large enough for a child and an adult (or perhaps multiple kids).
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds.
  • Easily inflatable with a pump or hairdryer and deflates into a compact size for easy storage.
  • Comes with a storage case and patches if you happen to puncture the tube.


  • Huge pain to inflate if you don’t have a pump.

2. Flexible Flyer Metal Snow Disc

Flexible Flyer Steel Saucer Round Metal Kids Snow Sled Toy...
  • Baby Sled Fun: Enjoy hours of uphill and...
  • Kid Sled Secure Ride: Handle ropes...
  • Winter Sled High-Speed Ride: Features an...
  • Toboggan Sled Durable Design: Built with...
  • Adventure for All: Ideally used as a...

Moving on to more traditional snow sleds for kids, the Flexible Flyer Snow Disc is made of sturdy metal, crafted with extremely bumpy terrain in mind. Unlike plastic snow sleds, this sled won’t crack or break with rough use, though severe holes may cause dents.

It’s 26 inches in diameter, the perfect size for kids ages 5 and up – it can even withstand the pressure of adults (shorter adults, that is). The bottom of the sled is extra smooth and slick for easy gliding over snow and ice, and the round shape of the sled makes super-fun spinning an effortless feat. And on each side of the sled is strong nylon rope handles for grip and safety.

This is an affordable option that will last for years – and if you purchase more than one, they’re easily stackable for less frustration while traveling or when putting away for storage.


  • An affordable sled that is guaranteed to last for years.
  • Made out of sturdy metal rather than plastic or inflatable materials.
  • Sleds are stackable when you own more than one.
  • Great for kids ages 5 and up and can even withstand the use by some adults.
  • Won’t break or crack like plastic sleds.
  • Extremely slick, rounded bottom for the ultimate snow sledding experience.


  • The denting after constant use may be a deal-breaker for some.

3. Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Sled

Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Sled. Toddler Boggan. Sleigh for...
  • BABY SLED – This Flexible Flyer baby...
  • SECURE SUPPORT - Extra high back on this...
  • STABLE - Wide base keeps this toddler...
  • CRACK RESISTANT - High density...
  • MADE IN USA - Long tow rope for...

A #1 Best Seller for toddlers, the Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Sled will be the highlight of your baby’s winter days! The high back of this toddler sled is designed for support and the built-in adjustable safety strap is perfect for ensuring that your child is secure as they bounce off the hills!

This option is best suited for children ages 3 and under and can withstand weights up to 40 pounds. Any heavier, and this sled may sink into thicker snow, making pulling more of a hassle. The hard plastic materials make this toddler sled crack-resistant, even on the coldest of days, and the hefty tow rope proved to hold up well to constant tugging and dragging.

Overall, this is an affordable, high-quality sled option for young children that holds up to the elements and does an excellent job at keeping young sledders safe!


  • Made in the good old U.S. of A. so you’ll be supporting American business and workers.
  • Affordable product, even for those who may be on a budget.
  • Extra-high back to support your baby.
  • Built-in safety belt to keep your child secure.
  • Made of high-quality, crack-resistant materials.


  • May sink into deep snow if your child exceeds 40 pounds (or is in the upper 30s).

4. Flexible Flyer Metal Runner Sled

Paricon Flexible Flyer Metal Runner Steel and Wood Snow Sled...
  • Classic runner kids snow sled offers a...
  • Constructed with smooth birch wood and...
  • Equipped with a steering bar that gives...
  • Designed with 3 sets of knee...
  • Dimensions of the kids sled measure 60...

A classic sled style, the Flexible Flyer Metal Runner Sled is nostalgia on ice. Made of birch wood and powder-coated steel, this sled build has stood the test of time. It’s great for kids (ages 5 and up) and adults alike, holding up to 250 pounds. This sled is also available in two length variations, a single person 48-inch, and a large 60-inch that can comfortably fit two or more small children.

Additionally, the Metal Runner Sled can be steered in three ways: by lying on your stomach and using your hands to guide the wooden steering bar, by sitting up and using your feet, or by pulling on a rope (not included) tied to the steering bar.

It is a higher-priced option, but it’s made of hardwood and metal materials, making it a durable and lasting sled that suits both children and adults.


  • A classic, vintage style that has been beloved by kids for decades.
  • Available in two different sizes for single riders or multiple small riders.
  • Can hold weights up to 250 pounds.


  • On the more expensive end of the spectrum.
  • Some users have complained that their sled arrived with broken pieces or with split wood, which is a real let-down after paying the heftier price.

5. Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge Snow Sled

Zipfy, Snow Sled, Classic Freestyle Luge, Two-Toned - Pink...
  • MADE FOR ALL AGES - From kids ages 5 and...
  • EASY TO STEER - With a low center of...
  • COMPACT DESIGN - The structural design...
  • COOL AND FUN COLORS - This snow sled is...
  • SAFETY FIRST - Zipfy Snow Sled is...

One of the most universal sleds on our list, the Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge Snow Sled is great for kids (and adults) ages 5 and up. Weighing in at 3.5 pounds, this sled is incredibly light, making it easy to transport and carry up large hills.

It’s designed specifically with safety in mind, formed in a way that pushes the rider’s legs and feet forward, giving them ultimate control, steering and stopping capability.

The Zipfy sleds are available in a huge variety of colors to fit your child’s personality: Black Frost, Blue on Blue, Ghostrider Red, Green on Green, Hero Orange, Orange, Purple, Purple Moon, Purple on Pink, and Red.


  • Small, compact-sized sled, weighing in at a little over 3 pounds – easy to carry and transport.
  • Great for both kids and adults.
  • Weight limit of nearly 300 pounds, making it a universal option for riders of various builds.
  • Available in a ton of colors to match your child’s personality.


  • Because the sledder’s feet are positioned off the front of the sled, they may get caught on bumps in the ground, slowing their movement.

6. Paricon Winter Lightning Sled (3-Pack)

Flexible Flyer Lightning Snow Sleds for Kids & Adults,...
  • 1 SNOW SLED: This Flexible Flyer plastic...
  • NEW “NO-BREAK” RESIN: Updated in...
  • DOUBLE SLED: Large sled comfortably hold...
  • FAST: Slick super sled bottom flies down...
  • KIDS & ADULTS SLED: A snow sled for kids...

If you need more than one sled, this affordable pack of 3, quality sleds may be just the thing you’ve been searching for! Great for kids and preteens, these 48-inch sleds can hold up to two riders at a single time and withstand up to 200 pounds of pressure.

The hard plastic is crack-resistant and extremely slick on the underside, making sliding down snowy hills a (nippy) breeze. The edges of these sleds are wide and deep, for better grip and maneuvering.

Two holes were placed on the front end of the sleds so that you can insert ropes for easier grip. The set of three sleds come in three different colors: orange, green, and blue so that each of your kids (or their friends) can have their very own, special sled!


  • Come in three different colors to match the personality of your kids.
  • Affordable, especially for the amount of product you receive.
  • Can hold up to 200 pounds at one time.
  • Made of crack-resistant hard plastic.
  • Extra thick and slick bottom for a smooth and fast ride.
  • Large enough to hold up to 2 riders.
  • Sides are wide and deep for better grip.
  • Two holes in the front for a rope to be inserted in.


  • Hard use by riders that nearly meet or exceed the weight limit (200 lbs) may result in breakage.

7. Slippery Racer Downhill Xtreme Toboggan Snow Sled

Slippery Racer Downhill Xtreme Flexible Adults and Kids...
  • WINTER FUN FOR ALL AGES: Race down snow...
  • STRONG AND DURABLE: Made with...
  • PLAY NO MATTER THE WEATHER: Coated with...
  • REINFORCED HANDLES: Features 2 sets of...
  • CONVENIENT PULL ROPE: Built-in pull rope...

Crafted with a speedy, aerodynamic design, the Slippery Race Snow Sled is a top-notch, affordable sled option for kids. It’s lightweight, weighing in at barely over 3 pounds, and can be easily stuck in the back of a car for transportation.

This sled is large enough to seat up to two children comfortably and can hold up to 200 pounds (when not used on extremely harsh terrains). It comes with a built-in rope for making dragging the sled up a hill quick and painless. The sides of the sled are slightly raised for increased grip and stability and the hard, but flexible plastic is cold and crack-resistant.


  • Available in three different colors: blue, red, and green.
  • Affordable option.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry and transport.
  • Comes with a built-in tug rope.
  • The weight limit is 200 pounds.
  • Can seat 2 kids comfortably.
  • Crack and cold-resistant.
  • Sleek, aerodynamic design.
  • Slick underside for increased speed.


  • The bottom of the sled doesn’t do that great of a job at cushioning the sledder from the impact of harsh bumps.

8. GoFloats Winter Snow Tube

GoFloats Winter Snow Tube - Inflatable Sled for Kids and...
  • SNOW DAY: Perfect for sledding down...
  • COLD WEATHER TREATED: Our material is...
  • RAPID VALVE: Unique GoFloats Rapid Valve...
  • GUARANTEED HIT: Fun for adults and the...
  • SLED WITH CONFIDENCE: Always use with...

If your kids are wanting a more cutesy, funny sled option, the GoFloats Winter Snow Tubes may be your best bet! Available in five adorable tube creatures (Flamingo, Penguin, Ice Dragon, Polar Bear, and Unicorn) your kids are bound to have a blast!

Similar to a pool tube, the middle of the GoFloats are indented to conform to the sledder’s body and evenly distribute weight. And not only does the center distribute weight, but it’s also lined with fabric to keep your backside from touching the ground and getting cold and wet!

The fabric is made of thick materials that are treated to resist the cold temperatures of snowy environments and can withstand the combined weight of up to 2 adult riders (or multiple kids) to a maximum weight of around 300 pounds.


  • Very affordable.
  • Cute design options: Pink Flamingo, Ice Dragon, Polar Bear, Penguin, and Unicorn.
  • Distributes weight evenly about the snow tube to keep it balanced.
  • Material is treated to be resistant to more extreme cold.
  • Can hold around 300 pounds and up to 2 average-sized adults at a single time.
  • Easy to inflate and deflate.


  • You’ll need to use caution on hills that may have branches. The material may tear if snagged. These are best used on hills that have thicker snow pile-ups.

9. GeoSpace Original LED Ski Skooter

Geospace Original Winter Fun Ski Skooter: Fold-up Snowboard...
  • USA BASED SMALL BUSINESS - Our premium...
  • MULTI USE SKOOTER - Cruise and zigzag...
  • LIGHT FOR SAFETY - Our Ski Skooter...
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN - Super-tough...
  • THE SPECS - For both Kids (6 years+) and...

An alternative to the traditional sleds we all know and love, the GeoSpace LED Ski Skooter is a speedy contraption heavily influenced by snowboarding.

Rather than sitting to ride and maneuver this sled, with the GeoSpace Skooter, you stand as you plummet down icy hills! This is a great sled for kids ages 6 and up, and with the adjustable handle, this is one size fits all kind of option.

And because of the extra slick underside of the Ski Skooter, your child can even use it to scoot along the flat ground until they’re ready to take on the hills.


  • The maximum weight is 220 pounds, great for kids and most adults.
  • The handle is height-adjustable to suit the needs of various riders.
  • Folds down to a compact size for easy transportation and storage.
  • Flexes slightly for better control and pressure tolerance.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.


  • Users have complained that the advertised LED light in the front of the Ski Skooter isn’t actually included in the purchase, despite what the product description says.

(By the way, if you’re looking for a real scooter, check out these awesome options!)

10. TEAM MAGNUS Tundra Wolf sled

Snow sled Snow Racer with Steering, Brakes and Retractable...
  • EXTREMELY FAST: The Tundra wolf snow...
  • SAFE & CONTROLLED: Our sled is equipped...
  • DURABLE: Our metal frame is all-steel...
  • UNIQUE FEATURES: This classic winter toy...
  • PERFECT GIFT: Kids will be thrilled the...

This ultra-modern take on the classic snow sled is a fun force to be reckoned with. The TEAM MAGNUS Tundra Wolf Sled is one of the easiest to maneuver sleds on the market today, manufactured with two frontal foot breaks to ensure safety and ultimate control.

It’s made of heavy-duty plastics and metals and won’t easily bend, break, crack, or puncture. This sled is also the perfect size for kids, preteens, and young adults alike, making it a universal option for a large family or friend group.

The Tundra Wolf is incredibly fast, able to race down hills and seemingly glide on top of the snow. Overall, it’s a great all-around option.


  • Made with two frontal breaks to avoid crashes and create give better overall control to the sledder.
  • Very fast going downhill.
  • Perfect for riders of all ages and sizes.
  • Made of heavy-duty metals and plastic materials.


  • One of the most expensive options on our list of best sleds for kids.

Considerations Before Purchasing

Before you jump in and purchase your sled, there are a few things that you should take into consideration.

Your Budget

The price of sleds can vary pretty widely with some being reasonably priced, and others being priced through the roof. Before you buy, make sure that you know what your budget is and stick to it. After all, spending a fortune on a sled isn’t a necessity when you can find a competing item for a much lower cost – and the same quality.

The Quality

With your budget in mind, it’s important to also consider that the quality of extremely cheap sleds may not last. Spending some money is a good idea so that you can ensure you’re getting a product that lasts.


Q: Can sleds accommodate more than one sledder?

A: Generally speaking, yes, the best sleds for kids on our list can comfortably accommodate at least up to 2 riders at a single time. However, most sleds will not hold more than 2 riders at a single time. Be sure that you understand the weight and person limits of the specific sled you purchase.
Q: How much snow should be on the ground in order for my kids to be able to use the sleds?
A: At least a couple of inches of snow is ideal for most sledding. The build of a sled is specifically intended to make sliding on the snow-covered ground easy and fast.

Q: How fast can sleds go?

A: If you ask a professional sledder, then the answer would be around 70 miles per hour; but seeing that the majority of sledders this winter aren’t of the professional type, the average sled will probably speed up to around 20 miles per hour. Of course, this depends on the type of sled you get, the conditions of the area you’re sledding in, and how steep and tall the hill is.

Q: Are sleds dangerous?

A: They can be. Actually, if a sledder crashes when traveling at a high speed, it can end in injury or tragedy. Each year, sledding accidents account for nearly 21,000 children hospital visits. Always use caution and be aware of your surroundings when you or your children are sledding. And never use ATV’s, cars, or other machinery to attempt to make the sled faster. Avoid sledding on ice, as this increases your chances of injury.

Q: What’s the best material for sleds?

A: Traditionally, metal was used for sleds and is still a great option today. However, hard plastics and PVC materials are also an excellent option and are most commonly used in sled manufacturing in the modern era.

Q: Where can sleds be used?

A: Sleds can be used in your yard, at a public park, or any area that is accessible to the public. However, it’s best to find a hilly area that is void of trees, away from roads and highways, and isn’t overpopulated to avoid injury or inconvenience.

Q: How old should my child be before they ride a sled?

A: As you’ve seen throughout this article, sleds are made for children of practically any age. However, you should never leave a child (of any age) unsupervised due to the risk of injury that we’ve discussed above.

Final Thoughts

Sleds are a timeless joy felt by millions of children over the years and though it may seem like a daunting task at first, finding the best sleds for kids isn’t really all that difficult (especially when you have our comprehensive guide).

Though we feel that all of our top picks would make great choices, when it comes down to it, the A-DUDU Snow Tube is our favorite. This thing is durable, able to withstand pretty extreme temperatures, it hugs the body of the sledder to make the ride safer and more fun, and it’s affordable! 

Overall, the best sled for your child will come down to your preferences and their specific needs and requirements.

Be safe and happy sledding!