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Best Wakeboards for Kids: Top 4 Picks

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Wakeboarding is usually a sport that gets associated with adult thrill seekers but families should know that wakeboarding can also be enjoyed by kids. However, in order for kids to enjoy this water sport in a safe way, they need to be equipped with the right gear.

Apart from the mandatory life jacket every water sport requires, children who want to get into wakeboarding will need a good board that will help them wakeboard comfortably. Kids have different requirements when it comes to a good board.

So we’ve come up with a list of our top wakeboards for kids who want to take up wakeboarding as a water sport:

1. Liquid Force Dream Kid’s Wakeboard

This wakeboard tops our list because of how forgiving it is for beginners. It sports a concave, beveled shape that allows kids to stay above the water. It has a continuous rocker, providing beginners with a smooth and continuous ride. The rocker design also allows beginners to get started with getting some air time, giving beginners confidence in their wakeboarding skills.

The Liquid Force Dream Kid’s Wakeboard comes in multiple sizes, which allows kids to find the wakeboard that suits their height and weight. 

2. Slingshot Super Grom

Kids who are new to wakeboarding but have had some experience in snowboarding may find the Slingshot Super Grom to have a familiar feel. The Slingshot Super Grom was designed to mimic the feel of a snowboard in terms of maneuverability, making it the perfect board to help your child transition from snow to water. Its durable design also makes it a great board to use with wakeboard towers, such as those from aerialwakeboarding.com.

The Slingshot Super Grom comes in 45.3” (115 cm) and 49.23” (125 cm) sizes and is priced competitively at $250 dollars.

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3. Rave Jr. Impact Wakeboard

If your child is no stranger to pulling off board tricks, you may want to get them the Rave Jr. Impact Wakeboard. This wakeboard provides a good amount of pop to get your child to learn wakeboarding stunts and tricks properly, and it handles as smoothly as skateboards on land. Its charger bindings also ensure your child’s feet stay secure on the board when they do tricks.

The Rave Jr. Impact Wakeboard is also a great deal for your money, given the quality materials used to construct it.

4. CWB Surge

CWB Connelly Surge Kids Wakeboard 125cm, with Optima Boot...
  • 125 cm, Easy stable ride for kids
  • System 80 core
  • Full spine
  • 4x4 molded fins
  • 2 bolt on 1. 9” center skater fins

Kids who are afraid to try wakeboarding for fear of wiping out may want to get their hands on the CWB Surge. This wakeboard is built to be very forgiving for timid newbies, and was designed to help them gain confidence out on the water by minimizing the potential for failure. The rocker is smooth and the edges are softened to prevent them from tipping over. It’s primary selling point, though, is its lightness. This board is made out of light but durable materials, which hands one hundred percent of the control over to your kid. 

The CWB Surge is priced at $190 dollars and comes in one size:  49.23” (125 cm).

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Final Thoughts

There are many different wakeboards out there, and the above are just a few examples you may want to consider when shopping. Ultimately the choice is up to you, but we hope we were able to help you find the perfect wakeboard for your kids!