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Burger Mania Board Game: (Cook without the mess!)

This pretend play burger shop game is a giggling blast!

Burger Mania GameBurger Mania Game

Earlier this week we purchased the Burger Mania board game, a totally fun game that tests skill and speed in an awesome family challenge. The game concept is super simple. You pull a card and build the burger on a moving conveyer belt. There are three speeds, so it can get increasingly more difficult (and easy to adjust for all ages) as you get better. The person with the most burgers when the conveyer belt stops moving, wins the game!

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Burger Mania Board GameSet Up

Burger Mania comes with a conveyer belt that needs 4 AA Batteries and a screwdriver. The pieces of the lettuce, cheese, tomato and meat are made of craft foam and come in little sheets that you have to punch out. It took about 10 minutes to set up with batteries and 3 of us punching out the pieces. There are tiny bits of pieces (between cheese, tomato, lettuce, and meat) that can be punched out to make your burgers look more realistic. To make it easy, we put a trash can near us and punched them out right over it. There are 4 stickers that go on the conveyer belt. Set up is NOT complicated but if you are an impatient person, you can feel frustrated. Remember, it’s just a game!

Burger Mania Board Game Difficulty

Our house has a 12-year-old and a 5-year-old. The 12-year old had an easier time, but it was fun for both ages. You do need some pincher skills to work the
 tweezers and lay them on the moving belt, so there is a reason Burger Mania is targeted at 6 and up. The burgers do easily fall over as you scramble to get done quickly. None of us have successfully gotten a full burger on the plate without the use of our fingers. That being said, our family believes games are not a challenge unless there is a challenge! It’s not about winning, it’s about playing the game and this is one that includes a bit of luck. That means mom and dad are not just going to win outright!

  • Three different levels of difficulty
  • Prepare tiny burgers with mini buns, Lettuce and more
  • The conveyer belt will move faster and faster!

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Burger Mania Pieces

The Burger Mania Board Game has a variety of pieces, including your punch out hamburger pieces, the menu cards, and two tweezers. The burger buns are plastic and the middle pieces are foam. They are small pieces so you would want to make sure all players are old enough to not put things in their mouths.


 Burger Mania Board Game Video Review

The kids were laughing a mile a minute and no, they did not get every burger together. But the point was not lost on this silly game! Check out a short video on them playing to see what you can expect.


Burger Mania GameBurger Mania Game

Burger Mania for Family Game Night

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Burger Mania Board Game is an awesome and fun family game, using speed and skill, who can make the most burgers? See our family board game review

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