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How Safe Is Your Garage Door…Really?

When we were searching for a new home last year, one of our “must haves” was a garage. Not because we ever actually park the cars in there *ahem* but it is where we store some of our household extras as well as where we keep the kitty boxes where they are easily accessible. For both reasons we needed to make sure we not only had a garage – but that it was secure to store and safe to not accidentally hurt one of our pets.

Although with 6 pets in the house we could certainly use to knock a few off…kidding, kidding.

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Over 35 million homes have garage doors installed, yet industry professionals estimate that 1 out of 15 garage door openers lack the latest safety features. The garage door is the heaviest and largest moving object in a home, and when not functioning properly, can be a serious hazard.

I bet you have never thought about it being a hazard because I know I rarely think about it myself! To ensure it never drops on any person, pet or object, homeowners should always examine the garage door and opener thoroughly as part of the inspection process. As many as 17,000 people a year are injured by a garage door, and who knows how many pets.

LiftMaster has created the Don’t Chance It. Check It.™ Safety Campaign to educate homeowners and families about garage door safety and how to check their garage door to make sure that it is functioning safely and properly.

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In just three quick tests you can determine if your garage door is safe and functioning properly.

I immediately ran out and did these simple tests on our garage while P was taking a nap. It took me about three minutes to find out that my garage door is working perfectly fine. Check out this quick video from LiftMaster of the tree-step safety check that explains how you can check your garage door too!

“By following these three easy steps that take just two minutes to complete, any homeowner can assess the safety of their garage door,” said Bob Markwart, President of LiftMaster®, Americas. “It’s a simple process and will keep your family and your garage safe.”

June is National Garage Safety Month, but you don’t have to wait until then to make sure your garage door is safe and secure. With summer just around the corner, it is important to make sure that the largest access point to your home is safe and free of danger. You will be in and out with your kids, your trips to the beach, to the park, when it comes to your kids –  Don’t Chance It. Check It.™

Does your home have a garage?

12 thoughts on “How Safe Is Your Garage Door…Really?”

  1. Wow can’t believe that was so easy to check. Thanks for the video. My husband is so busy, so I just went ahead and did it myself. Everything worked like a charm.

  2. We do not have a garage now–we live way out in the country with a dirt road and dirt driveway. But at my last house we did have a garage with a roll up door. It was fine until my daughter drove the car into it, then it was a problem because it tended to roll down unexpectedly.

  3. We just had to fix our garage a few weeks ago! Not only did the spring holding it break {leaving it permanently closed}, we discovered that the people who installed it {likely the builders} were supposed to use two springs and had only used one. Garage doors make me nervous- we have a rule that the kids aren’t allowed to move outside if the door is opening or closing, because I am afraid of it breaking! My mom told me too many stories about kids getting trapped under them when I was little.

  4. Much to my chagrin, there’s no garage on the house I’m in now. My last house had one and I appreciate the tips because my door fell once!

  5. I think this is such a great safety issue to keep in mind. I love the convenience of having a garage door, but I must admit I have always been paranoid of one of our cats slipping out and getting hurt by it.

  6. 17,000 people a year are injured by a garage door?! That’s CRAZY! We do have a garage door – and luckily have never been injured. I’ll have to see how safe it is tomorrow morning.

  7. This is perfect timing for this post because I’ve been having trouble with my garage door lately! Sometimes it opens, sometimes it doesn’t!

  8. You know, I had never really thought about this. I always just figured our door was safe and I never lock my door to the house on the inside of the garage. After this, I’m going to have to take a look at it and see how safe it really is!

  9. Great tips, I actually went and checked ours and thankfully we are all set here. Better be, considering our house isn’t even 10 years old. haha!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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