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Kool Aid Playdough | No Bake Playdough Recipe

Learn How to make Kool Aid Playdough with this no bake DIY edible play dough that is made with frosting and powdered sugar. Smells so good, tastes delicious if you happen to eat some (accidentally of course) and perfect for kids! No salt, no cream of tartar needed!

kool aid playdough

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Kool Aid Play Dough Recipe

To get started you first need some ingredients to make edible kool aid playdough! These are fun ingredients and you can tell that this is gonna be tasty if you happen to dip your finger in. I won’t tell!

Note, the above kool-aid playdough recipe will make 3 colors.

You will need to make a total of 2 batches to make all 6 colors as shown.

kool-aid playdough ingredients

How do you make Kool Aid Playdough?

This edible version of homemade playdough is so easy, smells great and is so pretty! First, let me start that this isn’t a recipe that is FOR eating.

Its temping when you see the frosting and powdered sugar, but you might get a tummy ache. That being said, it’s helpful when making play paints, puff paints and DIY playdoughs that they can be edible in case you have a curious young child. Plus this recipe is super fun to smell and texture wise since its so different from flour based doughs.

Of course this is cream of tarter free (which isn’t available in some areas), salt free and is totally cook free, making it ready in mere minutes.

Go from idea to play instantly!

Tip: Let your child help you “cook” and make this dough while you are making a meal!

They get to stir and mix with real ingredients and you have clean up all at the same time with your recipe. Its a win/win for a busy mom.

frosting in bowl

Add frosting and powdered sugar to a mixing bowl and beat well.

Poke the dough in the mixing bowl.

Make sure it doesn’t stick to your finger.

If it sticks, add more powdered sugar, 1/4 cup at a time.

powdered sugar


frosting in bowl

Remove dough from mixing bowl and shape into a log.

Cut into thirds.

Return one third of the dough back to the mixing bowl.

edible play dough


kool-aid packet

Add drink mix and food coloring and beat until color is even.

Remove from bowl and repeat with remaining colors, making sure to wash out the bowl if necessary.

Starting with lighter colors helps minimize the washing. I tend to begin with a yellow color and add orange without washing the bowl or beater.

kool aid playdough no cook

Knead a few times onto a surface covered with powdered sugar.

kool aid play doh

Repeat until you have the desired number of colors.

Store each color in a separate sealed bag and use cookie cutters or play utensils for some super fun pretend play.

how to make kool aid playdough


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homemade playdough