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Making Slime Moldable and Bendable for Play

Chances are you already know how to make slime. If you don’t, use one of our many slime recipes. Now there are many ways to make your slime bend in shapes, from kinetic slime to crunchy slime, slimes with stuff in them typically does well and similar to play dough.

It can be used with cookie cutters, utensils and holds a shape longer.

moldable slime

But what about slime that you do not want to turn into floam?

We have found a fun way to make your slime moldable and bendable without additional additives outside the regular slime recipe. You simply need to make sure you have already created your slime. We have found fluffy slime (with shaving cream) does the best at giving you a poofy strong feel and by adding just a tad more starch than a regular recipe, gives you the right hold.

Moldable Slime

Once you have your slime, let it flatten out. Your slime should not be sticky, but easily come off your hands.

Lay a pipe cleaner down inside your slime and fold over.


slime with pipe cleaner

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kinetic slimeYour slime should now be able to be bent, shaped or even turned into a cool bracelet!

Just be careful of your hair so you don’t get it caught up…that will still stick.

slime bracelet

slime without glue

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slime jewelry


Slime Games

We had a blast playing with our slime this way and creating shapes on the ground like hearts and stars, as well was wearing slime!

If you are looking for other slime games to play, learn how to paint with slime

Slime Painting


Blowing Bubbles with Slime

You can also play with your slime by creating huge slime bubbles! Try blowing slime bubbles with a straw or blowing bubbles through your fingers!

Blowing Bubbles

Bendable slime