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Over the Top Children’s Playhouses

When I was a kid, I was content with a few large cardboard boxes to make into my own makeshift playhouse. I would take markers and construction paper and have a good ole’ time making my own ‘house’. But kids these days? They have mini-mansions in their backyards!

Here are seven awesome, over-the-top, and even

luxurious children’s playhouses

Pirate Ship

Ahoy, matey! Seriously? My kid can make his own pirate adventure in my backyard? How awesome is this?

Castle Fortress

Just imagine your kids and the neighborhood kids playing princes, princesses, and dragons with this castle playhouse! It’s every little girl’s dream to have her own castle, and now she can!


Tell me a little boy who wouldn’t just love to pretend to be a firefighter. You could really get into your pretend play by having a water balloon fight to put out fires with this playhouse!


So this isn’t like the others, but I can’t leave out this really cool treehouse! There’s something about being off the ground and in a tree that kids really love. This one reminds me of The Berenstein Bears!

Windmill Chalet

How adorable! The details on this one are incredible. What little girl wouldn’t love a special hideaway like this?

Gas Station

Another one for the boys! Pretend to be a mechanic and fix up all the neighbors’ Power Wheels and even bikes!

Hillbilly Treehouse

I couldn’t resist this one. Not only does it have a worn look to it, it has a tube slide! This is another one with great detail.

5 thoughts on “Over the Top Children’s Playhouses”

  1. My son Jeremy has been begging us to build him a playhouse. I think he would never leave any of these houses if we had them in our backyard.

  2. These are amazing! I saw the Pirate one in a catalog – it cost like $4000, plus weighed an outrageous amount and cost a fortune to ship (no pun intended). I can’t imagine spending that kind of money on a PLAY house.
    They are gorgeous! I played with boxes, too, my mom was a Tupperware lady and got HUGE boxes that were perfect.

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