Mason Jar Projects: 20 Ideas to Craft Today

Ready to get started with Mason Jar Projects?  Follow these tips for success and check out over 20 Mason Jar Project Tutorials and tips that you can get started on today! I have curated MomDots amazing Mason Jar tutorials to share with you the ease of getting started with decorating and gifting mason jars. Just look … Read more

Snowflake Mason Jar DIY : Christmas Mason Jar Tutorial

how to make christmas mason jars

Create a Snowflake Mason Jar DIY that looks beautiful on your table for a holiday centerpiece. Easily customize your colors and designs while painting your mason jar. This Snowflake mason jar tutorial is so easy to follow and will get your holiday crafting started off perfectly! Snowflake Mason Jar DIY Before you get started on … Read more

DIY Halloween Luminaries : Frankenstein Mason Jar Tutorial

How to make a Halloween Luminary | Mason Jar DIY Halloween

Mason jars is probably one of the easiest and most beautiful ways to make Halloween Decor and making Halloween luminaries should be at the top of your list! Easily added to tables, fireplace mantels and even bedroom dresses, these Halloween mason jar luminaries are a perfect way to light up the room. Plus, this is … Read more

18 Fall Mason Jar Crafts to Inspire You!

Have you gotten into the mason jar craze like everyone else? I am a huge lover of mason jars, you can make overnight oats, meal prep salads, and even use them in crafts. Below you will find a ton of Halloween Mason Jar Crafts for you to create. Decorate your home with mason jars in … Read more

Mason Jar Dog Food Travel Storage

This post in Partnership with Beneful When it comes to the holidays, we are always talking about food and travel. Both of those things are awesome and we do a lot of them around here from October through New Years. But one thing we all fail to really talk about is our pets during this … Read more

Metallic Shimmer Mason Jar DIY Glitter Decor

This week I grabbed some of the Krylon Metallic Shimmer spray on a whim. I have been trying out different types of sprays to see what they do on glass and I was so pleased with this one. It took just over one coat to create an even and uniform wall of shimmer that looks … Read more

Snowman Mason Jar Crafts | Christmas Mason Jar Idea

Snowman Mason Jar Crafts are a great way to liven up your table with gorgeous glittery mason jars that you personally made. Whether its one snowman jar or a whole blizzard full, you cannot go wrong with this tutorial on how to make a snowman mason jar. Snowman Mason Jar Crafts It’s that season again … Read more

15 Amazing Mason Jar Christmas Crafts

15 Amazing Mason Jar Christmas Crafts and idea inspiration , gifting, centerpieces and more

I love Mason jars! I do a ton of Mason Jar Crafts around here and one of my favorite holidays is Christmas…that means MASON JAR CHRISTMAS CRAFTS! Now as you probably know, we brought you some great ideas in our  15 Mason Jar Projects you can do today and it’s my intention to not let the fun … Read more

15 Mason Jar Crafts You Can Do Today!

Mason Jars are my jam! And not cause I actually use them for jam…even though you are supposed to…because I love them for CRAFTS! Bring on the MASON JAR CRAFTS!! Working with glass is pretty much my favorite thing and I love the creativity in painting or storing when it comes to jars. But I … Read more

DIY Rainbow Jar Tutorial for Mason Jar Crafting

  A bit back, I ran an article about How to make a Nebula Jar. I loved it, the kids loved it, and judging by the amount of people that have written me complete this project, you all loved it as well. Personally, crafts that have to do with space or earth or elements, really … Read more

25 Mason Jar Crafts You’ll actually want to Try

Mason Jar Crafts I absolutely adore mason jar crafts and I am not the only one! From readers who cant wait to try them to the bloggers that love to create them, I couldn’t wait to showcase 25 Mason Jar Crafts you’ll actually WANT to try out. Here is MomDots Favorites from around the web … Read more

Mason Jar Soap Dispensers ( that glow in the dark!)

Mason Jar Soap Dispensers DIY tutorial, turn your mason jars into Glow in the Dark soap dispensers so you dont have to skip washing your hands on midnight pee pee breaks (im looking at you, 4 year olds)

I may be the last one standing without mason jar soap dispensers in the bathrooms. Not because I didn’t want them, but due to having scrubs in all the bathrooms I thought maybe it was crazy overkill. There can be too many mason jars in your home…right? Now making a soap dispenser out of a … Read more

Mason Jar Night Light DIY

Mason Jar Night light DIY, How to seaglass your mason jar and then turn it into a night light (nope, not a candle OR paint!) that glows all night long - totally awesome, you are going to want to make TONS of these for a mason jar wedding, childs room, or outdoor lantern for dinner

Yesterday I was at Lowes and noticed the amount of different types of spray paints that were now on the market. Milk paint, sea glass, chalk paint, glitter finishes, sealed finishes- basically, you name it, it’s around. And while at the time I didn’t grab any, today while on a “let’s get inspired and make … Read more

Boozy Fruit Jars…cause why not.

You may be asking yourself “what is boozy fruit” and “what is it good for.” What you should be asking yourself is “what is boozy fruit” and “how can I get some?“. Well I’m gonna answer alllllllllllllllll of that with these mason jar Boozy Fruit Jars! As you know, I’m a parent. Like….a parent first. … Read more