Sun Catchers: A Kids Craft DIY

Because the forecast says 107 degrees for us today, we’ve decided to enjoy the sunshine from the comfort of our air conditioned home today.  Not only enjoy the sunshine, but use it as an inspiration for a fun, simple craft that accentuates the light.  I much prefer the sun when it’s not melting my skin … Read more

How to Make Glitter Playdough: A Recipe

Learn how to make playdough with this easy non-toxic recipe that will have you creating your own unique colors, textures, and smells over and over again. Enjoy an ombre glitter version like we did or get creative. These instructions are so easy! Over the years I have had to have purchased at least 900 play … Read more

Candy Bouquet Lollipop Dum Sucker DIY Centerpiece

Create a candy bouquet as a centerpiece for an upcoming wedding, birthday party or gift. This DIY lollipop bouquet made with dum dum suckers, can be altered in any size and put in a vase, mason jar, or varying topiary shape. Learn how to make a candy bouquet step by step below! Let’s get started. … Read more

Fluid Painting: A Tutorial

Fluid Painting Tutorial step by step DIY that you can do yourself at home by following below! A few months back I was surfing my Facebook feed and saw something called “fluid painting.” It was simply a way to paint canvases while letting the paint sorta of flow in a direction, creating beautiful valleys and … Read more

Pink Sludge: DIY Disgusting Eyeball Slime

As the end of August nears, the time is now to start thinking about all the holiday fun. I know Halloween seems far off, but with so much awesome Halloween crafting adn DIY you can do, plus planning for parties and get together’s, it helps to be prepped. I am going to do my part … Read more

Create A Memory Jar : Free Printable

Create a Memory Jar (FREE PRINTABLE) craft. This Create A Memory project comes with a free printable set to easily create memories that you can share all year long with any mother or mother figure in your life.  When it comes to my own daughter, I know that it doesn’t matter if we are shopping, … Read more

DIY Constellation Jar : Glowing Science Fun

Oh Gosh, y’all! I haven’t enjoyed making a craft this much in awhile. I love love this Constellation Jar. If your kids enjoy looking at the night sky, they will too! You can do this with nearly anything glass you have- mason jar, wine bottle, bowl, really the choice is yours, and it doesn’t require … Read more

DIY Sugar Scrub Recipe for Soft Kitchen Hands!

Sugar scrub is something I have always thought about making. It’s easy enough and I knew I most likely had all the ingredients, I just never really gotten around to it! Today I decided to give it a chance and create my own DIY Sugar Scrub Recipe to share with all of you! I love getting rid … Read more