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Spitting Camel Game

While we have two kids in the house that can always play a game together, I think it’s smart to have single player board games on hand as well. There are times that kids need down time or prefer to play alone, and I love having a selection of games, like the Spitting Camel Game, that is only one player.

Spitting Camel Board Game

Spitting Camel GameSpitting Camel Game

The Spitting Camel Game is obviously without a board, but still falls in a board game section. When you open up the game, the camel comes in two pieces that snaps together easily, does requires batteries, and has a set of mini bottles that represent a point as you win. Additionally, it has a little water pack to insert water into the camel, which will undoubtedly become your punishment.

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Spitting Camel Pieces

  • Camel
  • Bottles
  • Water Bladder
  • You will need batteries as well to run the lights on the game

The camel snaps together but you will need a screwdriver to open the bottom of the battery compartment.

How the camel spits water

This one player board game has a super simple set up, where you use the mini water pack to suck up water and squeeze into the camels mouth. We had originally thought you were going to fill the camel up from the inside and I am glad that isn’t so. It would mold too easily. You can also expect not to get TOO wet. It’s just like a little spit and does make a noise when it pushes out the water, so you get a jumpy factor as well (see spitting camel video below).

You can expect that this is not a game that you will get soaked at, so parents no need to worry. That being said, make sure you play on a surface that can allow water as water does go on to the table in small quantities.

Spitting Camel Games

The game is set up to have 3 different types of games involved. Charlotte loved this part because it wasn’t just one game and done. The first game is represented by a “hidden pea” and it pretend shuffles the pea, as indicated by the lights. Then you press the one that you believe the pea is under. If you lose, you get water spit at you. If you pick it, you can take a bottle out of the camel pack to represent a point and it will reshuffle. The second game (which starts immediately after you lose the first game), is a Simon says game. It shows you a sequence of lights you push back and this will go on and on until you lose. Last but not least, there is a speed game where it shows a light and you have to hit the light as quick as possible or you lose. This makes the Spitting Camel game a single player only board game. To make this a multi-player game, just pass around the table and compete who can get the most bottles.

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Note: You have to notify the game you are ready to move on to the next game by pressing a pea in between.

Spitting Camel Video

Watch below to see Charlotte play Spitting Camel!


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Spitting Camel GameSpitting Camel Game

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