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Christmas Deviled Eggs that WOW
What You Need
  • eggs already boiled
  • vinegar
  • water
  • food dye (or whatever you use- KoolAid may work too BUT I take no responsibility if your
  1. I didn't have any Easter Egg dye from last year, but I did have food dye. If you want really specific or bright colors, you can hit up the food dye section at a craft store, but I just have regular old 4 pack primary kit from Target. I prepped the food dye by following the box, but it was 1 tsp white vinegar and a half cup of HOT water.
  2. Cut your eggs in half and remove yokes. You can prep those anyway you like. I like mine with Hellmanns. Also the reason my eggs yolks are so runny in these shots is because I may have accidentally eaten more yokes than eggs.
  3. Add your already boiled egg whites into the dye mixture, leave for approx 3 minutes and then rotate up. Once your eggs have the desired color, remove and pat dry with napkin. Now if you find that your dye isn't the color you want, I have to tell you that you can put a little on your finger (or a clean paintbrush), rub on the outside of the boiled shell and sit it down for about a minute. Then rinse off any excess. That is how I got this REALLY bright color for photos.