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Shooting Star Slime DIY Homemade Slime for Kids
Shooting Star Slime DIY Homemade Slime for Kids
What You Need
  • I always use GALLON SIZED GLUE. To get as much slime as is in these photos its like 5 batches….get a ton of glue
  • Liquid Starch – This can be impossible to find so also better to grab online, it lasts a long while too
  • Food coloring OPTIONAL I use Wilton’s Color Right for the best and brightest results
  • Shaving Cream - This is only used if you want it fluffy otherwise leave out and adjust your starch
  • Stars - star shaped sprinkles
  1. Now the fun part, making your shooting star slime. The first thing you need to do is create a solid color slime. I chose yellow because its super easy to see the colors of the stars. To make slime is pretty easy, but I have found its best to pour and adjust to get the right amount to play with. A good rule to start with is about 2 cups glue to about 1/3rd cup starch. Here is the tip: If the slime is sticking to your fingers, it doesn’t have enough starch. Either dip your slime back into the bowl and mix more starch (if there is some left in there) or pour a little bit more into the glue mixture little by little till it starts un-sticking. The entire process can take about 5 minutes. Its easier to add more starch than add more glue, so its better to start with less starch and add. The reason there are no hard measurements is because most people make varying sizes of slime batches, so you will need to find the exact ratio. You can also easily add shaving cream to your glue mixture prior to adding starch and it absorbs some of the liquid and makes it "fluffy." It wont affect your stars either way.
  2. Once your slime is made, let your slime settle and sprinkle your stars. If you WAIT about 30 seconds and then pull on your slime, it will give some time for your sprinkles to melt into your slime and then leave pretty rainbow colored streaks. Once you play a bit they will be folded into your slime and you will need to re-sprinkle and start over for the same affect. Be prepared to use the whole bottle cause its pretty fun!