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Hi! My name is Stephanie, but you can call me Steph.  I am the owner and writer for MomDot.com. MomDot has been around since 2008 and has always been a place for moms to come and learn something new.  My husband, Randy and I have been married for 20 years, and have five fantastic kids, and 1 amazing dog.  We’ve lived in many different states in the South and West, currently residing in the Pacific Northwest in a home I would love to retire in– I’m sort of done with the whole moving thing, to be honest.

Like Trisha before me, I love to read, I love to bake, I love to craft, I love to find fun activities to do with my kids, and activities they can do with kids their own age.  I love taking cupcakes from glum to Get Out!, whether that’s using ice cream cones for the cups, or decorating the icing to look like Unicorn poop, just so I can hear my kids giggle in delight.  Laughter makes food taste more magical.

Motherhood is complex, hard, and the best thing a woman could do in this life.  Whether you mother your own, mother the adopted or fostered, mother those you teach, or just mother the women and children around you, we are all mothers placed where we are on this world, building up the women of this generation in solidarity, hope, trust, and love.  Mom’s Rock!

I specialize in showcasing recipes, DIY, tutorials, and products in new and inventive ways to help parents make life fun and exciting.  When a parent is passionate about raising children, finding tools for many different needs and wants in one place is an invaluable asset.  I hope to bring you well-rounded topics to arm you for the journeys of this thing we call Life, this life we choose.  Our family’s motto is this:  Come What May~ And Love It.  Let’s love parenthood and make our children’s lives fun, healthy, safe, delicious, and creative in both activity and surroundings.  We have them under our care for such a relatively short span when compared to human life– let’s make it Spectacular!

Thousands of brands have been featured on MomDot over the years through consulting, content creation (on MomDot as well as for external uses) by connecting with readers in a way that makes sense for them and their busy lives.







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