DIY Halloween Spider in a Jar: SPOOKY & FUN Mason Jar Light

“Catch a Spider by its Toe”: Light Up Mason Jar – Learn how to make a super spooky Halloween decoration to light up a hall table, mantel, or bedroom this Halloween! Scroll below for step-by-step instructions on this mason jar craft and get started today.  Ready to get Halloween decorating? It’s probably a little too … Read more

Fairy Jar Tutorial: DIY and Capture a Fairy!

Earlier today as I was surfing Facebook I noticed my cousin share some cool crafting pictures of a “Fairy Jar” she did with her daughter. I asked her to write it up to share with yall, so here you go! I cannot wait to do this with Charlotte. ~Trisha Fairy Jar Supplies 25 Lumistick 6 … Read more

DIY Mason Jar Fairy House

I love working with mason jars and I was able to with my DIY fairy House tutorial. I love mason jar crafts. After all, I am a southern gal and southern gals have about 989 jars, including every jam, jelly, and mayo jar every made. Tossing those things in a recycling bin is a class … Read more

Galaxy Jars DIY: Hold the Galaxy in your Hands!

DIY Galaxy Jars Instructions. Learn how to make Galaxy Jars, which is a perfect sensory bottle or calm-down jar craft that kids and adults alike will love. Scroll down to read how you can hold a galaxy in a jar, with this incredibly easy-to-follow tutorial. A long time ago… just kidding. Galaxy Jars Be warned: … Read more

DIY Sparkle Mason Jar (Easy 2 step version)

Modge Podge and I have yet to make friends. I think its because I have yet to understand the power of this awesome glue stuff. But what I have come to understand from other websites is that modge podge can be used to make wonderful awesome things like blocks with pictures and magnets for the … Read more

Sun Catchers: A Kids Craft DIY

Because the forecast says 107 degrees for us today, we’ve decided to enjoy the sunshine from the comfort of our air conditioned home today.  Not only enjoy the sunshine, but use it as an inspiration for a fun, simple craft that accentuates the light.  I much prefer the sun when it’s not melting my skin … Read more

How to Dye Rice | DIY Colored Rainbow Rice

Rice is such a fun textured and sensory way to play. Learn how to dye rice that kids can enjoy or to be used as filler for vases and decor. You can make a rainbow rice, galaxy rice or any number of color combinations without vinegar and its perfect for a sensory table. Colored Rice … Read more

Candy Bouquet Lollipop Dum Sucker DIY Centerpiece

Create a candy bouquet as a centerpiece for an upcoming wedding, birthday party or gift. This DIY lollipop bouquet made with dum dum suckers, can be altered in any size and put in a vase, mason jar, or varying topiary shape. Learn how to make a candy bouquet step by step below! Let’s get started. … Read more

Mason Jar Projects: 20 Ideas to Craft Today

Ready to get started with Mason Jar Projects?  Follow these tips for success and check out over 20 Mason Jar Project Tutorials and tips that you can get started on today! I have curated MomDots amazing Mason Jar tutorials to share with you the ease of getting started with decorating and gifting mason jars. Just look … Read more

DIY Halloween Luminaries : Frankenstein Mason Jar Tutorial

How to make a Halloween Luminary | Mason Jar DIY Halloween

Mason jars is probably one of the easiest and most beautiful ways to make Halloween Decor and making Halloween luminaries should be at the top of your list! Easily added to tables, fireplace mantels and even bedroom dresses, these Halloween mason jar luminaries are a perfect way to light up the room. Plus, this is … Read more

18 Fall Mason Jar Crafts to Inspire You!

Have you gotten into the mason jar craze like everyone else? I am a huge lover of mason jars, you can make overnight oats, meal prep salads, and even use them in crafts. Below you will find a ton of Halloween Mason Jar Crafts for you to create. Decorate your home with mason jars in … Read more