The Best Sushi Knife: Ratings & Reviews

Best Knives For Cutting Sushi

Okay, so you’re a big fan of sushi sashimi, but going out to the local Japanese restaurant isn’t always on the cards. That’s why you want to get a great Japanese chef knife, such as a santoku knife or a gyuto knife that will help you make sushi at home. These knives aren’t like any … Read more

Best Electric Knives: Ratings & Reviews

Best Electric Knife for Cutting Meat

When was the last time you tried to cut something and it didn’t end up looking very good? Probably not that long ago, right? Well, that’s because standard knives (or even some custom knives) just can’t get the quick sawing motion that an electric knife can. What that means is you’ll never get as good … Read more

The Best Custom Chef Knives: Ratings & Reviews

Best Custom Chef's Knives

If you’re looking for high-quality knives, such as a paring knife, boning knife, santoku knife or even a bread knife, you always want to look at the best of the best. There are also Japanese knives, karambit knives, and steak knives. It’s not always easy to find but, if you can, well, you’re definitely going … Read more

Best Knife Blocks: Storing Your Kitchen Knives

If you have high-quality knives like a paring knife, a chef knife, a steak knife, a serrated utility knife or even a sushi knife, then you definitely don’t want to just leave them lying around in a drawer. You want to make sure that they are protected from anything and that the edges are going … Read more