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Free Cookie Tag Printables

The past week Charlotte has been out of town. She left with my parents for the Thanksgiving holiday and it was a sad week missing her. So when she got back, Phoenyx, Charlotte and I got to work on making up, and decorating up, cookies! We made chocolate chip, sugar cookie and peanut butter. Id like to tell you my favorite, but I am an equal opportunity cookie eater, so I had some of each.

Now one of the best things about the holidays is giving back and this year we are making up our very best (and honestly sugary!) cookies and spreading the cheer to our friends and family by hand delivering the fun in cute containers with great printables. First, need your printable? You can get into the fun yourself by heading here and downloading your own #SpreadtheCheer tags!

From simple sugar cookies to a gingerbread masterpiece, Betty Crocker makes it easy to celebrate your favorite people. Give back to those that mean the world to you this holiday season by surprising them with fresh-baked goodness made straight from the heart.  Giving back to those that mean a lot to you is easy with simple cookie recipes from Betty Crocker.

Follow along our cookie making adventure in photos!














IMG_7361Time to share!

Make the world a better place this Christmas when you spread cheer with the gift of cookies! When you surprise your favorite people with fresh-baked goodness made straight from the heart, you’re letting them know that their good deeds don’t go unnoticed. Celebrate the season by spreading cheer with cookies, and help get the word out to inspire others to keep the celebration going. This Christmas, giving back is easier than ever with simple cookie recipes from Betty Crocker.

Once our cookies were ready, we put them in easy to carry containers, added on an adorable cookie tag printable and brought them to family!


Free Spread the Cheer Tags, perfect for gifting cookies to neighbors!




free printable cookie tags